Prajanchai Vs. Jonathan Di Bella: 4 Keys To Victory In World Title Clash At ONE Friday Fights 68

Jonathan Di Bella lands punches on Zhang Peimian

The main event of ONE Friday Fights 68 will see two of the planet’s most technical strikers go toe-to-toe for the vacant ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Title, as current strawweight Muay Thai kingpin Prajanchai PK Saenchai will vie for two-sport glory against former titleholder Jonathan Di Bella.

That highly anticipated matchup is set to go down in front of a raucous Thai crowd at Bangkok’s Lumpinee Boxing Stadium this Friday, June 28, in Asia primetime.

The pair of electrifying strikers were previously scheduled to clash for the gold, but when Di Bella fell ill and was unable to pass his hydration test, the fight was canceled and he was stripped of his title.

Now, fans will finally witness the World Title showdown they’ve been waiting for. Before the action gets underway in less than 24 hours, these are each man’s keys to victory at ONE Friday Fights 68.

#1 Di Bella’s Complex Combinations

The Italian-Canadian star possesses some of the fastest hand speed ever seen in kickboxing, but against the ultra-experienced Prajanchai, he should avoid throwing just one shot at a time.

That’s because the Thai – with over 400 career fights on his resume – is a true defensive master and extremely difficult to hit cleanly.

Given his foe’s elite defensive prowess, Di Bella must throw his strikes in combinations as he tries to dismantle Prajanchai’s defenses with three, four, or five blows at a time.

Look for the Montreal native to string his punches and kicks together, rather than trying to land one big shot at a time.

#2 Prajanchai’s Booming Right Hand

While Prajanchai is well-versed in all areas of striking, he often does his best work with a refined boxing attack – and particularly, with his show-stopping straight right hand.

When he faces the southpaw in Di Bella, that right hand will become an even more important and dangerous weapon.

Fans can expect to see the PK Seanchai man devote the early portions of the fight to carefully analyzing his foe, setting traps to create openings for his right hand.

Considering the massive power he carries in his straight right, it could only take one clean shot to put Di Bella down for the count.

#3 Di Bella’s Perfect Right Hook

If Prajanchai’s best weapon is his straight right hand, Di Bella’s is his vicious right hook – arguably the fastest punch in the sport.

The 27-year-old has used this lightning-fast blow throughout his extensive amateur run and undefeated professional career, consistently finding a home for the right hook against top-flight competition.

He’s able to land the punch in a wide variety of situations, whether on the counter or the lead, and to his opponent’s body or head. Against Prajanchai, this punch will undoubtedly serve as the centerpiece of Di Bella’s attack.

#4 Prajanchai’s Brutal Leg Kicks

Although Di Bella is undefeated through his first two battles in ONE, his lead leg has taken plenty of punishment in those fights. Prajanchai should continue to exploit that opening.

Because the Italian-Canadian stands so heavy on his lead leg, he’s often unable to defend these pulverizing leg kicks. And while he’s been able to withstand those strikes thus far, Prajanchai is the hardest kicker he’s faced yet.

As Di Bella presses forward with his boxing-based attack, look for Prajanchai to eat up his right leg, slowing his foe’s movement and setting up knockout shots upstairs.

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