Lito Adiwang vs. Jarred Brooks: 4 Keys To Victory

Nov 25, 2021
Pictures from the fight between Lito Adiwang and Hexigetu at ONE: REVOLUTION

Lito “Thunder Kid” Adiwang and Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks will finally settle their heated war of words inside the Circle at ONE: NEXTGEN III.

After all the back and forth between the two men, fans can’t wait to see how their pivotal strawweight mixed martial arts contest pans out this Friday, 26 November.

Both Adiwang and Brooks will bring plenty of dangerous weapons to their main event showdown at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and it’s hard to predict whose arsenal will be the most effective.

With fight night rapidly approaching, we break down the biggest keys to victory for “Thunder Kid” and “The Monkey God.”

#1 Brooks’ Unstoppable Takedowns

Brooks was raised in wrestling, and it is his go-to skill set in MMA.

The 28-year-old American combines his excellent takedowns with a massive amount of strength for his size – and when he gets hold of an opponent, they’re usually going for a ride.

His double-leg is almost unstoppable, and even on the rare occasion when it gets stuffed, a lifetime on the mats means that he can immediately chain together attacks to get on top.

Moreover, “The Monkey God” doesn’t just place his opponents on the ground. He’ll use high-amplitude throws and slams to drive them into the canvas at speed, which helps set up his ground attacks as they reel from the impact.

This is undoubtedly Brooks’ best tool. He doesn’t stop until he drags his rival to the canvas, and they either end up on their back or exhausted from trying to prevent it.

Fans will surely get a taste of this talent when Brooks makes his ONE Championship debut on Friday.

#2 Adiwang Staying Patience

Pictures from the fight between Lito Adiwang and Hexigetu at ONE: REVOLUTION

The #5-ranked strawweight contender is known for his relentless, powerful offense. But this could lead him right into Brooks’ traps if he deploys it as a strategy. So in this matchup, instead of immediately charging in, he will need to be patient. 

In his defeat to Hiroba Minowa, Adiwang found himself being scooped up by the Japanese grappling specialist when he overextended behind heavy strikes, leaving him less able to sprawl or fight off the takedown attempts.

“The Monkey God” will have done his research and looked for these kinds of openings. “Thunder Kid” must be careful to avoid presenting them by staying disciplined with his output and only swarming when the time is right.

By using feints to get a reaction and moving laterally to avoid being planted in one spot, Adiwang can throw Brooks off the scent and keep him guessing, making decisions to close the distance much less straightforward. 

In turn, this could make the American more hesitant, offering up opportunities for the Team Lakay man to plant his feet and strike as the bout goes on. 

#3 Brooks’ Ground Dominance

Everybody knows Adiwang is explosive, and that extends to every position. If Brooks can drag the Filipino to the mat, it’ll be very tough to keep him there.

However, the Mash Fight Team man’s skills don’t end with putting his opponent on the ground. When they’re down there, he is a world-class operator.

“The Monkey God” utilizes ferocious ground-and-pound that will help rack up damage and prevent Adiwang from trying to scramble back up without paying a price.

As “Thunder Kid” works to escape the onslaught, it will also offer up chances for Brooks to pursue his submission game.

If Adiwang turns his back, the Indiana native will dive on the attack for a rear-naked choke. And if the Filipino turns in, he could end up in “The Monkey God’s” punishing guillotine squeeze – both of which are potentially fight-ending spots.

#4 Adiwang Turning The Tide

Pictures from the fight between Lito Adiwang and Hexigetu at ONE: REVOLUTION

Regardless of the time that has passed or how much “Thunder Kid” could be down on the scorecards, his great equalizer is always his stunning power.

Whether it’s punches, kicks, or knees, the Baguio City man delivers devastating strikes that are rarely seen in someone at his weight – and he throws with bad intent.

As previously mentioned, lunging forward too often will make Adiwang a prime target for Brooks’ takedowns. But if “Thunder Kid” can keep his foe guessing, there will be chances to unleash his heavy artillery.

The Filipino’s looping punches are dangerous, as is his uppercut, especially to a wrestler shooting in. And if Adiwang does get Brooks reeling, he is well-equipped to finish the job with intense salvos of punches, flying knees, and hard kicks.

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