Jonathan Haggerty Vs. Fabricio Andrade: 4 Major Keys In Bantamweight Kickboxing World Title Fight

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Fans across the globe are eager to see ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion Jonathan “The General” Haggerty and ONE Bantamweight MMA World Champion Fabricio “Wonder Boy” Andrade square off in the epic main event of ONE Fight Night 16 on Prime Video.

Both knockout artists are aiming for rare two-sport gold, and there’s a huge amount of intrigue surrounding their clash for the vacant ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Title in U.S. primetime this Friday, November 3.

Given the elite skill sets on each side, there’s no doubt that fans will be treated to a high-level striking showcase at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

With their matchup less than 48 hours away, here are the biggest keys to victory for both Haggerty and Andrade in this historic affair.

#1 Haggerty’s Push Kick

Haggerty is a master at working from long range, and he keeps the gap open by employing his versatile teep – also known as a push kick.

The Londoner uses it well defensively, jarring his opponents as they try to get close by stabbing out his lightning-fast push kick to the body or thigh. He also uses it offensively to back up his foes and score damage.

Aiming at the midsection of his rivals, “The General” can push them back to unleash round kicks, or he can floor them completely with a powerful thrust when they try to stand their ground.

Once that teep has their attention, the bantamweight Muay Thai king likes to feint with it to force a reaction. If his opponent drops their hands to turn it away or block it, the 26-year-old lets rip with a different follow-up.

Elbows are “The General’s” favorite in Muay Thai fights, but under kickboxing rules, he will need to step in with punches to make the most of any holes that appear in Andrade’s guard.

#2 Andrade’s Southpaw Cross

Expect Andrade to find a home for his punishing straight left if the matchup stays at range.

The bantamweight MMA titleholder has a long reach that helps him cover a lot of distance with his cross behind a sharp jab, and it’s devastating when it lands.

However, he doesn’t wait around to admire it. “Wonder Boy” is happy to score and then drift out of danger with his impeccable footwork, preferring precision and timing rather than brute force.

If his opponent comes charging in to get one back, Andrade loves to fire the straight off his back foot – and it delivers just as much power as they step into the punch.

Several of his previous adversaries in ONE have been stung by it, including the iron-chinned John Lineker, who felt its effects in both of their MMA World Title matchups.

#3 Haggerty’s Increased Punching Power

Haggerty won’t be outgunned in the punching game, and he’s grown more and more confident with his hands as time has gone on.

In particular, “The General” seems to be enjoying some extra snap with his boxing now that he’s moved up from flyweight and feels much stronger.

His right hand covers a lot of distance and has the power to hurt his rivals from a long way out. It’s also effective when he arcs it slightly to find the gap around their guard.

Haggerty’s right hand was the key factor in his career-best victory over Thai legend and former longtime ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Hama. His short right flattened Nong-O for the first time in ONE, and the latter never recovered in a stunning first-round knockout loss.

As well as his head-shot accuracy, expect Haggerty to whip in hurtful body punches if Andrade looks to block with a high guard rather than using his feet to get out of the way.

#4 Andrade’s Wicked Body Shots

Expect to see Andrade take aim with his devastating body shots in this main event clash.

Rodtang Jitmuangnon’s breakdown of Haggerty in their second ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Title match gave future opponents the impression that the Englishman’s body could be his Achilles’ heel. And while “The General” has shown durability against big hitters since, Andrade will surely test that hypothesis.

The Brazilian has a laser-guided left knee that he’s used to dispatch or hurt several opponents, including Lineker and Jeremy Pacatiw.

He drills it in as a counter when his rivals throw hands, and he’ll also push them back with it, uncorking it against the Circle Wall or ropes when they can’t move backward to evade.

Plus, Andrade has fight-ending ability with his left kick. Being a southpaw, it’s his power side, but like everything else he throws, he does it accurately and with bad intentions.

Always carefully monitoring his opponent’s reactions, the Tiger Muay Thai product will notice the slightest wince and dial up the pressure if he thinks he’s opened the door to a finish.

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