John Lineker Vs. Fabricio Andrade: 4 Keys To Victory At ONE On Prime Video 3

ONE Bantamweight World Champion John Lineker responds to Fabricio Andrade

Update (October 20): John Lineker missed weight for his ONE Bantamweight World Title defense against Fabricio Andrade. As a result, Lineker has been stripped of the belt. The bout will proceed at catchweight. Only Andrade will be eligible to win the World Title at ONE on Prime Video 3. If Lineker wins, the World Title will remain vacant. 

Two of the most devastating strikers in MMA will throw down in the main event of ONE on Prime Video 3: Lineker vs. Andrade this Friday, October 21.

Veteran star John Lineker defends his ONE Bantamweight World Title for the first time against rising phenom Fabricio Andrade, and fans are expecting a furious stand-up battle at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Both Brazilians are known as potent finishers on the feet, and each of them has knocked out their last three opponents in highlight-reel fashion.

But while their results have been similar, their styles couldn’t be much further apart. Here are the keys to victory for each competitor in their massive World Championship showdown live in U.S. primetime.

#1 Lineker Getting Into The Pocket

Anybody who’s watched a John Lineker fight knows exactly what to expect from the American Top Team slugger.

“Hands of Stone” likes to press forward, back his foes toward the Circle Wall, and unleash his concussive punches. However, he’ll have to be smart about how he closes the distance against Andrade.

As usual, Lineker will be the shorter man in this matchup, and he usually relies on a strong chin and the fear of his punches to make his rivals retreat. But against a challenger who hits hard and accurately, he’ll have to employ more head movement to avoid dangerous counters.

The defending king can still shut “Wonder Boy” down, but it’s more of a risk to eat shots on his way in. Expect him to feint more often and take his head off the center line when walking down his man. 

If Lineker can successfully navigate through the gap, it will be time to uncork his bout-ending boxing and go for the kill. 

#2 Andrade Managing The Distance 

One of the things that makes this such an intriguing battle is how well each man can operate within their chosen range. And while Lineker wants to get in close, Andrade will aim to keep things much farther apart.

The 25-year-old will use his assertive jab to try to keep Lineker at bay. In addition to that, his excellent footwork means he can dart in and out quickly, while also moving laterally to prevent his compatriot from hemming him in. 

With more space between them, Andrade can make the most of his straight punches and kicks, including round kicks and stabbing teeps to the body. 

He’ll need to be diligent with this and not get drawn into any prolonged firefights with his heavy-handed foe, but that’s never been an issue for the challenger before.

Instead, “Wonder Boy” waits for the right timing to score and doesn’t rush his work – a crucial factor when one punch can completely change the dynamic of a fight. 

#3 Lineker Targeting The Body To Open Up The Head

Lineker is a master at switching up his target areas to keep his opponents guessing. 

With one of the highest body-punching rates in ONE, he constantly looks to punish the midsection – both for its own sake and to open up the head.

If the 32-year-old does close Andrade down, it’s likely he won’t be able to keep him there for long, so he has to make the most of his blitzes to open up opportunities to finish.

And if “Hands of Stone” can rip to the body with his hooks and force the younger fighter to react, there’s a good chance his follow-ups to the head can find an unguarded chin. 

With five rounds to work, constant damage to Andrade’s midsection could also start to take the pop out of his shots and potentially slow him down to a pace that suits Lineker much more. 

#4 Andrade Capitalizing On Looping Punches

If Andrade can force “Hands of Stone” to give chase and swing for air by being elusive, he might frustrate the defending king and find more openings to exploit.

Lineker’s go-to shots are hard looping punches that leave gaps at the best of times – but even more so if he starts overreaching. 

This is where “Wonder Boy’s” timing and accuracy could pay dividends. Arching punches leave more room up the middle, and the challenger can use this as a route for his vicious knees to the body.

Jeremy Pacatiw fell victim to this shot – giving Andrade one of his recent knockouts – and it will be ready to fire once more if an opportunity presents itself.

If Andrade can get a reaction from Lineker due to a body strike, expect him to stay on task with even more front kicks and punches to the midsection as he aims to continue that success and break his man down. 

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