‘Giving Lightness To Life’ – How Music Pushes Adriano Moraes Through Everyday Challenges

Adriano Moraes walks out to the Circle at ONE on Prime Video 1

MMA superstar Adriano Moraes is best known for his accomplishments in combat sports, but he’s also passionate about many other things outside of the ONE Circle.

The Brazilian – who will challenge American legend Demetrious Johnson in the main event of ONE Fight Night 10 on Prime Video in Colorado – has music running through his veins, and he believes it’s a crucial part of his well-being.

With a chance to regain the ONE Flyweight World Title in his rubber match against “Mighty Mouse” on May 5, the day-to-day grind has been tough for Moraes.

Still, he feels like music helps him be happier and more productive – even in difficult moments:

“Everything in this life is energy, vibration. Music helps move me, helps me have positive thoughts, and helps me focus. Listening to music is giving lightness to life.”

Just as each day has different mental and physical demands, it can also have different playlist requirements to accompany it. 

Nothing is off the table for the American Top Team representative, although he generally prefers to keep things upbeat to match his personality. 

“Mikinho” offered:

“I’m a very eclectic guy. I like happy, cheerful, and dancing music to enjoy a positive vibe.

“I have many playlists. It depends on the day. There are days when I want to listen to [Brazilian] rap, there is hip-hop day, there is a day that is Jamiroquai. 

“I listen to a lot of electronic music. There are several DJs that I follow. I enjoy listening to jazz, too.”

Jamiroquai’s Funky Tones Are The Biggest Hit For Adriano Moraes

British style bender Jamiroquai has long been a favorite artist of Adriano Moraes – so much so that attending one of the group’s concerts was on his to-do list for 2023.

Revealing his desire to watch Jay Kay and his band live in person last December, “Mikinho” might not have been able to tick it off just yet, but he’s still enjoying Jamiroquai’s positive vibes whenever he can.

Like many of his other tastes, Moraes can’t help but feel uplifted when those tunes start to blare from his headphones or speakers.

He explained:

“I really like Jamiroquai. I’ve enjoyed them for many years. They kind of revolutionized this scene. My wife and I like them a lot. It is a band that brings joy to the environment and brings energy.

“I like several songs from them, but the one I like most is ‘Virtual Insanity’ exactly because it brings me joy and energy.”

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