Bogdan Stoica: The Weapons That Make Him The ‘Bucharest Bad Boy’

Oct 24, 2021
Multiple-time kickboxing World Champion Bogdan Stoica

Bogdan “Bucharest Bad Boy” Stoica’s ONE Super Series signing looks set to inject even more excitement into the light heavyweight kickboxing division. 

The Romanian slugger debuts against Beybulat Isaev at ONE: NEXTGEN this Friday, 29 October, and he will undoubtedly bring his unique arsenal into the Circle. 

Ahead of his first outing on the global stage, find out why Stoica is not just an entertaining addition to the ONE ranks, but a dangerous one as well. 

#1 He Can Mix It Up In All Ranges 

At 193 centimeters (or roughly 6-foot-3), Stoica’s height is certainly an asset when he fights, and he likes to utilize his reach.

The “Bucharest Bad Boy” has long straight punches and high kicks that can whip up from a distance, but he is also comfortable fighting on the inside with tight uppercuts, hooks, body shots, and knees. 

He has a tendency to move forward aggressively to put pressure on his opponents, however, he is also dangerous on the back foot and as a counterstriker.

Stoica delivers heavy punches moving backward and is a master at catching kicks to counter with his hands.

This wide-ranging skill set makes it very difficult for his opponents to formulate a straightforward blueprint for how to defeat him. 

#2 He Loves To Go Airborne

Watch any Stoica bout, and you will likely see him taking flight to attack with his knees. 

The Romanian loves to jump with flying knees and switch knees, both from range and when his opponents are shelled up in tight. 

Combining that momentum with all of his body weight makes his knees immensely powerful, and his laser-like accuracy means they usually find their mark. 

#3 His Kicking Arsenal Is Vast

Although he enjoys gliding toward his opponents with his knees, the wide range of strikes he can call upon makes it hard to predict where the Stoica Brothers Fight Academy representative will attack from next. 

The former wushu champion employs many of the famed spinning attacks from the Chinese striking style, including spinning back kicks and hook kicks.

He also loves to throw axe kicks at his rivals, adding another route of attack that they need to defend against to stop his heel from dropping down on their domes.

#4 His Punches Are Concussive 

Punches are a staple of every kickboxer’s arsenal, and Stoica is no different. While he may have more eye-catching techniques with his lower limbs, his boxing shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, he recently made his professional debut in “the sweet science.”

The 31-year-old Bucharest native has bout-ending power in both hands, particularly with his overhand right and left hook. 

On the inside, Stoica is a master at finding gaps for his uppercuts through the middle, and he also rips to the body when his opponents move to defend their heads. 

In conjunction with his kicks and knees, the Romanian certainly has the potential to KO his adversaries with his long arms – meaning every limb is dangerous, and every strike is entertaining to watch.

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