3 Weapons That Have Made Jonathan Di Bella An Unbeaten Kickboxing World Champion

Jonathan Di Bella lands punches on Zhang Peimian

There are plenty of reasons why Jonathan Di Bella has racked up an undefeated record as a professional fighter.

The reigning ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Champion will bring a perfect 11-0 kickboxing slate into his first defense against “Mini T” Danial Williams at ONE Fight Night 15 on Prime Video, and he plans to keep it intact on Friday, October 6.

Di Bella is facing a stern test in the teak-tough “Mini T,” but with an elite skill set at his disposal, the Italian-Canadian star is ready for anything.

Here are three of the most dangerous attributes that fans can expect to see when the 27-year-old returns in U.S. primetime at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

#1 Fast Hands

Di Bella grew up with combat sports in his veins, and although he’s focused on kickboxing, he always took boxing extremely seriously. With a 6-0 amateur and 2-0 professional record in “the sweet science,” it’s no surprise that he owns a slick punching arsenal.

From his sharp straights to his southpaw right hook, Di Bella’s strikes are textbook, but the real killer is his speed. 

Opponents often walk into counters that they don’t see coming – such as his rapid check hook – or get caught before they’ve had time to react because the Montreal native’s punches are so fast. 

While not as immediately concussive as some of his peers in ONE Championship, Di Bella rarely gets beaten to the punch and can hurt his rivals by hitting the target first.

#2 Relentless Low Kicks

Di Bella pairs his accurate hands with a strong kicking arsenal, and while it was a high kick that made the highlight reel in his World Title-winning debut against Zhang Peimian last October, it’s his low kicks that lay the groundwork.

The Team Di Bella Kickboxing representative attacks the lead leg relentlessly with his low kicks, setting them up behind his punches. 

And when he mixes in shots to the thigh and calf, opponents can struggle to know how to defend and get their balance upset by the accumulating damage. 

Already boasting solid footwork that puts him in good positions to strike with all of his weapons, Di Bella can take even more advantage of this by damaging his foe’s foundations and limiting their movement.

On top of that, once an opponent starts to worry about his low kicks, the reigning king can effortlessly whip his shin up high to attack the head while their defensive bandwidth is taken up elsewhere.

#3 Impeccable Timing And Reflexes

As a lifelong martial artist, some things just appear natural for Di Bella.

The Italian-Canadian has a finely tuned eye that gives him impeccable timing, which in turn makes him a defensive virtuoso. 

He can see a strike coming and process that information to react in a split second. While his opponent is still committed to their initial offense, Di Bella is already moving back into range to counter.

His head movements are well-timed and efficient, which means his foes often overextend with missed punches and eat a shot for their trouble.

Being so hard to hit clean, Di Bella makes those rivals frustrated and trigger-happy. But he remains composed, gaining a further edge when the contest gets into deeper waters. 

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