3 Reasons Why Tayfun Ozcan Can Dethrone Superbon And Shock The World

Dutch-Turkish striker Tayfun Ozcan makes his way to the Circle at ONE: FULL CIRCLE

Nobody would doubt the scale of the task in front of Tayfun Ozcan, but the Dutch-Turkish striker believes he can overcome the odds.

With Chingiz Allazov out injured, Ozcan has stepped in on late notice to challenge Superbon Singha Mawynn for the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title at ONE on Prime Video 2: Xiong vs. Lee III on Friday, September 30.

It’s certainly a tall task, but it’s not an insurmountable one.

“Turbine” owns a stellar 84-9-3 career record, initially carried a 13-fight winning streak into ONE Championship, and has consistently proven himself against top competition.

Here are three reasons why he can shock pound-for-pound superstar Superbon in their massive World Title clash at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

#1 He Comes Forward Relentlessly

If Ozcan is known for one thing, it’s his relentless forward pressure and intensity.

The 31-year-old is an aggressive fighter who loves to go on the front foot, walk his opponents down, and try to hem them in against the ropes or Circle Wall. 

Conversely, Superbon prefers a longer-range battle in order to control the tempo and range with his kicks. If Ozcan can constantly put the Thai star on the back foot, he has a better chance to make him uncomfortable.

All fighters can conserve energy and do what comes naturally when they’re dictating the action, but it’s more tiring to react to a rival’s game plan – and Ozcan’s conditioning allows him to keep his foot on the gas.

If the challenger keeps up his hustle for five rounds, he’ll put himself in a strong position to earn favor with the judges.

#2 He’s Almost Impossible To Finish

Aggressive tactics can lead to danger against slick strikers like Superbon, but Ozcan also has the defensive tools to navigate around counterstrikes.

The Dutch-Turkish competitor moves forward with a tight guard that leaves very few gaps, and he moves his head well to avoid being a static target. 

Superbon will try to catch him coming in, but “Turbine” utilizes some good slips to take himself out of the firing line, and he uses his feet to pivot accordingly.

If these options fail, Ozcan can fall back on his strong chin. He’s rarely been stopped in his long career and can walk through hard punches to keep his momentum.

Although it’s not the ideal scenario, that chin could allow him to keep trudging forward through Superbon’s heavy shots. 

#3 His Volume Is Overwhelming

When he’s in close range, Ozcan unleashes furious combinations that set him apart from most other strikers. 

Although his shots can come in ones or twos, the Siam Gym representative isn’t afraid to keep throwing and throwing until those strikes number in the double digits. 

Not only do his opponents have to defend against this high-volume offense, but they also have to contend with his unpredictability. 

“Turbine” aims at every target – head, body, and legs – and unleashes shots from a variety of angles. He also throws multiple times from the same side, something a defending opponent might not anticipate. 

While Ozcan’s one-shot KO power isn’t on the level of some peers, he’s an expert at overwhelming his rivals with nonstop flurries en route to stoppage victories. 

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