3 Reasons Why Kickboxing Phenom Mohammed Boutasaa Is So Dangerous

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Since entering ONE Championship last year, Mohammed Boutasaa has proven that his name deserves to be among the best.

The Dutch-Moroccan striker defeated Davit Kiria and went the distance with #3-ranked Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong – two of the featherweight kickboxing division’s most revered veterans – and he’s back in business this week against Mohammed Siasarani at ONE Friday Fights 18 on May 26.

At just 23 years old, owning a 15-1 pro record, and already boasting an elite skill set, “Too Sharp” appears set for a place among the upper echelon of the bustling weight class for many years to come. 

Before he returns to action at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, check out these three reasons why Boutasaa is a serious threat to anybody in the featherweight kickboxing ranks.

#1 He’s Unpredictable

One of Boutasaa’s biggest assets is how dynamic and unpredictable he can be. The 6-foot Amsterdam native is just as happy fighting a slick, long-range game as he is engaging toe-to-toe.

He makes good use of his long limbs with sharp, straight punches and fast push kicks, but he can close the distance to rattle off tight hooks and uppercuts in close.

He is also equally adept in either stance, meaning his rivals can’t prepare specifically for an orthodox or southpaw rival.

This gives Boutasaa the ability to throw off any opposing game plan, and he can make a decision to change things mid-fight.

Whether he’s outside or inside, southpaw or orthodox, “Too Sharp” throws with bad intentions to go for the finish.

#2 He Unloads Long, Thunderous Kicks

Boutasaa’s long legs are an enormous asset for his kicking game. 

The ambidextrous striker has thudding kicks from both sides, in particular when he smashes them into the body. 

He can also effortlessly whip them up to the head in search of a knockout blow once his opponent starts to block their midsection.

“Too Sharp’s” stabbing front kicks are another effective tool. He can assert his range with them and fend off attacks, or he can go hunting for the body and head. 

Given his height, there aren’t many opponents who can match him for reach in the kicking range.

#3 His Knees Are Punishing

One of Boutasaa’s favorite ways to attack is with his knees, and he’s fine-tuned them to work with every part of his game. 

He’s confident throwing the strikes while stepping forward, and his long legs make it easy for him to target the head. He can add knees into his clinch repertoire too, pulling down his foe’s head for extra impact.

The Southpaw Gym representative also loves to attach them onto the end of his combinations, making his rival cover up from his punches before he drives a knee through the middle.

Plus, there’s always a good chance that fans will witness something spectacular, as the rising star loves to go airborne with flying knees. 

On the defensive, Boutasaa uses beautiful timing to drill hard knees into the body of oncoming attackers that can stop them in their tracks. 

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