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Yuki “Yu-King” Niimura

Weight Limit
205.03 LBS / 93 KG
6'1" FT / 187 CM
41 Y
Team Climb

About Yuki Niimura

Status: Former ONE Athlete


Pancrase Middleweight World Champion Yuki Niimura was a mischievous child, and would often get into trouble by playing pranks on his friends. However, that all changed the moment he took the first step in his martial arts journey, when he picked up judo while he was in middle school.

Drawn to martial arts, he widened his horizons with karate in high school, and would continue with the striking discipline while serving in the Japanese Self Defense Force. A talented and hardworking young man, his karate career culminated in the All-Japan national championship, which ultimately pushed him to become a full-time professional martial artist.

Determined to make a name for himself in mixed martial arts, Niimura moved to Tokyo in search of world-class instruction, and now finds himself training under famed Japanese veteran Yushin Okami. Before debuting in ONE Championship, he built an excellent 12-4 record with 10 finishes competing in Japan, and even captured the Pancrase Middleweight World Championship along the way. Now that he is finally on the global stage, Niimura has set his sights on conquering the division, and claiming the ONE Middleweight World Title.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Submission SUB
R1 (4:24)
R1 (4:24)
R1 (4:24) Vitaly_Bigdash avatar 500x345 1
Vitaly Bigdash
Russia Dec 7, 2018
Destiny Of Champions
Dec 7, 2018