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Mayor Cup Champion

Mohamad Fakri “Ant Man” Bin Yusoff

Weight Limit
70.3 kg
179 cm / 5'10" ft
27 Y
Muay Thai 98 Fitness Gym

About Mohamad Fakri Bin Yusoff

Status: Former ONE Athlete


Mohamad Fakri Bin Yusoff got his unusual nickname of “Ant Man” because he was small and skinny when he first began competing in Muay Thai. He is originally from Pasir Puteh, near Malaysia’s border with Thailand, and followed his brothers into Muay Thai at the age of 17.

Eventually, Mohamad Fakri and his brothers would all move to Johor to run a gym together, where he trains with fellow ONE athlete Mohammed “Jordan Boy” Bin Mahmoud. He became a regional champion in both Kelantan and Johor, as well as the Perak International Champion, and boasts a finishing rate well over 50 percent. His style makes heavy use of kicks and flying knees, as well as his ability to switch stances and capitalize on his height and reach.

Mohamad Fakri views ONE Championship as his step up to a world-class platform, and he is looking to make his country proud with his performances. He intends to make a statement and show that he is not here to simply participate, but to take over.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Unanimous Decision UD
R3 (3:00)
Unanimous Decision
R3 (3:00)
R3 (3:00) Michael_Pham avatar 500x345 1
Michael Pham
United Kingdom
Immortal Triumph
Sep 6, 2019
United Kingdom Sep 6, 2019
Immortal Triumph
Sep 6, 2019


Wins - 0
Losses - 1
Unanimous Decision UD

Finish Rate

Finish Rate
Total Bouts

Bout Duration

Avg. Bout Duration
09m : 00s
Total Duration
0h : 09m : 00s

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