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3 Candidates Team Valor Might Surrender To Team Conquest

John Wolcott | Mar 30, 2021 |

It was one victory after another for Team Valor on Episodes 1 and 2 of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition,” but because of the group’s success, they may have to send a candidate to Team Conquest to level the playing field.

Last week, Team Valor once again defeated Team Conquest in both the physical and business challenges, but unlike in Episode 1 – where no candidate went home – two of the team’s members were sent packing in Episode 2.

Those members were Singaporean Alvin Ang and American Roman Wilson, who were fired by ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong after their team failed to produce a strong social media marketing plan to promote Andaz Singapore, a designer hotel in the city-state.

That begs the question: If a candidate is sent from Team Valor to Team Conquest this week, who will it be?  Below, we break down three of the likelier options.

#1 Clinton

clinton tudor

It’s no secret that Clinton Tudor has had trouble working with the other Team Valor members during the business challenges.

During the last episode, he and Monica Millington clashed over ideas, and it wasn’t until he was out of the meeting room that everyone was able to put their heads together for the common good.

For that reason, there aren’t many people on Team Valor who would be opposed to losing Clinton. But would Team Conquest welcome the New Zealander with open arms if his current team forfeits him?

#2 Irina

irina chadsey

Maybe the cameras just haven’t been focusing on her enough, but it seems Russian candidate Irina Chadsey has put in the least amount of time and effort with the business challenges compared to the other Team Valor members.

In Episode 2, for instance, Sho Takei and Monica were all business once both teams got their next boardroom challenge. Meanwhile, Project Manager Louie Sangalang held the team together, ensuring that everyone was fulfilling their roles.

However, Irina never tried to stand out during the business challenge. Instead, she took more of a back-seat approach.

#3 Kexin

kexin ye

Like Irina, German native Kexin Ye has yet to show her leadership skills during the business challenges, but perhaps that could change if she goes to Team Conquest.

That’s because Kexin has certainly contributed to Team Valor’s success. She looks comfortable fulfilling her roles and getting things done in the business challenges, and she’s held her own during the physical tasks.

Still, she’s yet to break out of her shell and display the “P.H.D.” factor that Sityodtong is looking for in the winning candidate – Poor, Hungry, and Determined. And that’s surprising given that her family’s hardships as a child turned her into a young entrepreneur.

Find out which Team Valor candidate – if any – will go to Team Conquest on Episode 3 of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition” this Thursday, 1 April.

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