The Best Knockouts Of 2016 #2: Burn Soriano’s Spinning Back Fist

Burn “The Hitman” Soriano is relatively new to the promotion, having just debuted for ONE Championship in 2016.

In his second ONE bout, he faced Mario Satya Wirawan at ONE: TITLES AND TITANS in August 2016. Wirawan is best remembered for his six-second knockout of Cambodia’s Chan Heng back in December of 2015. Against Soriano, Wirawan was expected to showcase his knockout power once more.

Soriano, however, had other plans. It is extremely rare to see knockout victories featuring spinning back fists, but Soriano was about to make a real statement by doing just that. 15 seconds into the first round, Soriano unleashed the spectacular move as Wirawan had him pressed up against the fence, and the Indonesian fighter just was not prepared for it.

The punch landed right on Wirawan’s temple, putting the Indonesian to sleep almost immediately. A hammer fist then landed for good measure. It was a great win for Soriano, and one that he would look back upon for years to come as part of his highlight reel.