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ปาสคาล “Money P” แจสกีวีซ

169.98 ป. / 77.1 กก
5'10" ฟุต / 179 ซม
32 ปี
Tiger Muay Thai


Bangla Stadium Champion Pascal Jaskiewiez is originally from the Parisian suburb of Evry in France, where he grew up watching mixed martial arts on television and dreaming of one day competing on the global stage. He trained in judo as a child before beginning Muay Thai and Savate when he was 17 years old.

Determined to succeed, Jaskiewiez moved to Thailand to improve his striking, competing more than 20 times in Muay Thai, winning the Bangla Stadium belt while also making his professional mixed martial arts debut.

Jaskiewiez has taken his striking and grappling to the next level at the famed Venum Training Camp in Pattaya, and he is now looking to compete as much as possible. He is excited at the opportunity to make a name for himself in ONE Championship and hopes to one day make history and become an icon of the sport.

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A New Breed II
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