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อาบู มุสลิม “Merciless” อาลิคานอฟ

169.98 ป. / 77.1 กก
5'9" ฟุต / 176 ซม
33 ปี
Tiger Muay Thai


Russian wrestling standout Abu Muslim Alikhanov grew up in a remote area of the Russian republic of Dagestan, enduring a childhood filled with hardship because he lost his mother at an early age. As a result, he promised himself he would do great and important things to honor her memory.

Alikhanov grew up practicing sambo, judo, and freestyle wrestling, turning him into a fearsome competitor. He lived and trained at a special boarding school for sports, becoming a three-time national medalist and junior champion in wrestling, but he suffered a serious shoulder injury and was forced to stay away from combat sports for several years.

When he was finally able to return to the mats, Alikhanov decided to try his hand at mixed martial arts. After a pair of dominant victories in Russian promotions, he moved to Thailand to develop his all-round game as a martial artist and seek better opportunities. He now trains under George and Frank Hickman at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket and is laser-focused on his objective of becoming a ONE World Champion.

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