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Asha Roka Finding Creative Ways To Rock Her Workouts

Indian star Asha “Knockout Queen” Roka has come up with some “rocking” workouts to stay active during her time away from the Circle.

With gyms closed in her home nation, the Indian National Boxing Champion showed on Instagram that you don’t need fancy equipment to increase your athleticism – just your surroundings and some ingenuity.

Roka’s videos included weighted thrusters – complete with a heavy rock for resistance – and simple bodyweight exercises like burpees, squat jumps, and pistol squats.

Finally, “Knockout Queen” did not forget the classic push-up, even adding a twist as she blasted out reps on the rocky shoreline.


It’s clear that even with obstacles in her way during the coronavirus pandemic, Roka is working hard and staying ready to unleash her KO power on the global stage.

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