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ONE Friday Fights 46: First 6 Fights
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[Live In HD] ONE Friday Fights 45: Otop vs. Sen
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ONE Friday Fights 44 | All Fight Highlights
ONE Friday Fights 44: Yod IQ vs. Musaev
Pompet ROARS back to stop Rittidet in the final round!
Rittidet has the teeps
BODY SHOT KO  Maisangkum moves to 4 0 in ONE!
Peemai PUMMELS Thanungern for a dominant decision win!
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Y’all are TRIPPIN’ if you’re not tuning in to watch Superbon on December 22
Well, would ya look at that

ONE Friday Fights 44: Yod-IQ vs. Musaev

ONE Championship is back on December 8 with ONE Friday Fights 43 at the iconic Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand! The exciting card is headlined by a bantamweight Muay Thai brawl between Thai striker Yod-IQ and Russian sensation Ilyas Musaev!

#ONEFridayFights44 | Friday at 7:30PM ICT/8:30AM ET
🌍 Live TV broadcast in 190+ countries (check local listings)
🌍 Also available on ONE YouTube and ONE Facebook (geo-restrictions may apply)
🌍 Also available on (geo-restrictions may apply)

Check out the full card below, and make sure you tune in live!

Bantamweight Muay Thai
Yod-IQ vs. Ilyas Musaev

Catchweight Muay Thai (132 pounds)
Rittidet vs. Pompet

Catchweight Muay Thai (119 pounds)
Maisangkum vs. Chalarmdam

Bantamweight Muay Thai
Peemai vs. Thanungern

Catchweight Muay Thai (124 pounds)
Ganchai vs. Binladin

Catchweight Muay Thai (112 pounds)
Sungprab vs. Petmuangthai

Bantamweight Muay Thai
Avatar vs. Wang Kaifeng

Bantamweight Muay Thai
Lenny Blasi vs. Ferzan Cicek

Strawweight Muay Thai
Yuly Alves vs. Chellina Chirino

Flyweight Mixed Martial Arts
Fritz Biagtan vs. Babar Ali

Bantamweight Mixed Martial Arts
Carlo Bumina-ang vs. Ilyas Dursun

Flyweight Mixed Martial Arts
Leandro Gomes vs. Milad Hosseini

Flyweight Mixed Martial Arts
Fritz Biagtan vs. Deepak Bhardwaj

#ONEFridayFights44 #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship

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