‘Your Mind Has To Work’ – How Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat’s Passion For Motorcycling Makes Him A Better Fighter

Vietnamese Muay Thai striker Nguyen Tran Du Nhat

Vietnamese star “No.1” Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat loves the purr of a motorcycle just as much as he does competing on the global stage of martial arts.

On December 8 in U.S. primetime, the 34-year-old will make his long-awaited return to ONE Championship against Denis “The Bosnian Menace” Puric in an intriguing flyweight Muay Thai battle at ONE Fight Night 17: Kryklia vs. Roberts on Prime Video,

Ahead of his appearance at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Duy Nhat spoke to onefc.com about his special affinity for classic motorcycles – and how riding them goes hand-in-hand with combat sports training.

He said:

“I just love them. I feel a special bond with the beauty of classic old bikes. I love riding them, taking care of them, hearing the muffler roar.”

“No.1” has been drawn to motorcycles since he was a teenager, piecing together his first bike with a mish-mash of old spare parts.

Since then, his passion has only grown alongside his Muay Thai career at the world-class level. To that end, Duy Nhat recently added his dream bike – an American classic – to his collection:

“This year, my wife granted my wish – she bought me a Harley Fat Boy as a birthday gift. So cool. I know Harley is great, but owning one is crazy. Everything about that bike is cool and impressive. I love the feeling right when I start riding, how stable it is, the sound, the speed, everything.”

‘There Are So Many Unexpected Situations’

For Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat, motorcycle riding is much more than just a fun hobby. It’s also an activity that directly supports his fighting career.

As he explains, hitting the pavement on a high-powered bike not only gives him a unique workout but also sharpens his reflexes and calms his nerves:

“You have to sit right and keep good posture while riding. It helps the core. Otherwise, you will get worn out easily. Legs and thighs can be trained as well. 

“Your mind has to work – reacting quickly but calmly to any situation you see ahead. And the last, which I believe everyone will agree with, riding is so stress-relieving. Feeling the wind blow, the sun’s warmth, the scenic roads – it’s so relaxing.”

What’s more, “No.1” says that motorcycle riding at high speeds is much like a Muay Thai fight.

From reacting appropriately to surprising obstacles to making rapid-fire decisions in high-pressure moments, Duy Nhat’s passion for bikes has helped him become the elite fighter he is today.

He added:

“Control is very important, even when you are riding a bike or fighting in a match. There are so many unexpected situations that could happen.

“You can’t be nervous with every bump you get on the road, right? The same goes for fighting. You should know how to deal with unexpected stuff, how to react, how to make another plan real fast when it wasn’t going your way.”

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