‘It Helps Calm My Mind’ – Saemapetch Says His Passion For Motorcycle Riding Is A Key Part Of Fight Camp

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When he’s not scoring highlight-reel knockouts under ONE Championship’s bright lights, Thai superstar Saemapetch Fairtex can be found seeking a different kind of thrill – living out his childhood dream of owning a premium motorcycle.

That dream has become a passion for the 29-year-old striker, even as he prepares to face Brazilian standout Felipe Lobo in a high-stakes bantamweight Muay Thai rematch in U.S. primetime on December 8 at ONE Fight Night 17: Kryklia vs. Roberts on Prime Video.

A veteran of 12 electrifying fights in the world’s largest martial arts organization and now the bantamweight Muay Thai division’s #3-ranked contender, Saemapetch is reaping the rewards of his successes in combat sports.

For him, that means owning his very own top-end motorcycle. He told onefc.com:

“I have dreamed of having a big bike since I was a child. When I saw adults riding big bikes, I thought they looked so badass. But at that time, I didn’t have enough money for a big bike.”

Saemapetch says that buying his dream motorcycle – the BMW S1000 RR – wasn’t just some thoughtless purchase. Instead, it was the payoff from a lifetime of training and competing at an elite level.

And while he loves to take his bike on rides with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, he also takes his responsibility to stay safe very seriously:

“First, I am proud that I was able to make my dream of owning a big bike come true. Second, I have to ride very carefully because I’m a fighter.

“Most of the time, I ride at the back of the group because if the first bike has an accident, I still have enough time to brake. And I opt for the best and most expensive helmet to protect my head.”

More than just a fancy toy, the Fairtex Training Center representative adds that riding his motorcycle gives him a much-needed break from the rigors of fight camp.

Above all, it’s a chance to simply enjoy the moment and clear his mind without worrying about his matchup with #2-ranked Lobo:

“I ride my big bike to relieve stress from training. When I start the engine and feel the wind, it helps calm my mind.”

Saemapetch Offers Advice To New Riders

Despite his ultra-aggressive style of fighting, Saemapetch Fairtex is all about safety when it comes to motorcycle riding.

Well aware of just how fast and dangerous these bikes can be, the hard-hitting Thai approaches his hobby with a healthy sense of caution.

With that in mind, he has some words of advice for any new high-end motorcycle owners:

“For the newcomer, first, you have to know what you do. You have to learn and study about it really well. Riding a big bike is not an easy task because big bikes require a high level of riding expertise. Because it’s heavier than an ordinary motorcycle, you have to have high skill to control it. If you can’t, it’s the one-way ticket to the death door.”

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