Ikeda Finishes Siregar With Crushing Third-Round Body Shot

Senzo Ikeda screams in ecstasy at ONE: HEAVY HITTERS.

In a clash of boxer versus wrestler, Senzo Ikeda’s hands proved to be the most potent weapons against Elipitua “The Magician” Siregar at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The 39-year-old slugger found a home for his body shots to earn a third-round knockout in their strawweight mixed martial arts battle at ONE: HEAVY HITTERS on Friday, 14 January.

Senzo- keda Elipitua Siregar

After the opening bell, the Japanese veteran stepped confidently to the center of the Circle with his hands down, popping out his jab and throwing low kicks at Siregar. He stuffed the Indonesian’s first double-leg takedown attempt to gain even more momentum and then shook his foe with a hard right hook-left hook combination.

This forced “The Magician” to shoot again, and this time, he got his opponent to the canvas. Siregar couldn’t hold his man down but stayed true to his goal and found another takedown every time Ikeda returned to his feet.

He also landed some hard knees as the former boxer scrambled up, but the Paraestra Matsudo representative rallied with punches to cap off an exciting first stanza.

Elipitua Siregar takes down Senzo Ikeda

The furious action continued in the second, as Ikeda walked his man down and looked to land looping punches. However, “The Magician” stung him with some solid right crosses of his own.

And each time Ikeda overcommitted to his salvos, the Bali MMA man made him pay with a takedown, racking up time in top position and even coming close to a rear-naked choke.

Still, Ikeda battled for every inch, and after a brief pause for a low blow, he marched forward with knees and punches to end the round. 

The result was up for grabs in the final frame, and Ikeda came out firing, looking to land his looping right hand and shovel hooks to the body. Siregar tried to negate the pressure with a takedown but couldn’t keep his man grounded.

Back on the feet, the veteran star kept going after his rival’s body – and it paid off.

A sweeping left hook got “The Magician’s” attention, and a crushing blow to the solar plexus caused him to wince. Knowing the end was near, Ikeda continued firing to Siregar’s body until the referee stepped in at 2:00 of round three. 

With the finish, Ikeda earned back-to-back wins in ONE for the first time, extended his overall record to 12-5-1, and proved he’s still a dangerous threat in the promotion.

Senzo Ikeda celebrates victory

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