‘It’s A Different Love To Anything Else’ – Regian Eersel Reveals How Fatherhood Has Changed Him

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Regian Eersel is a notoriously imposing figure when it’s time for battle, but outside of the ring he’s a laid-back family man.

The Dutch-Surinamese star – who defends his ONE Lightweight Muay Thai World Title against Dmitry Menshikov at ONE Fight Night 11 on Prime Video – has two young daughters, and his fight persona of “The Immortal” takes a backseat when he’s not training or competing.

Originally, creating a legacy for himself in Muay Thai and kickboxing was the fuel for Eersel’s daily grind. Now he has a different perspective on life and two very precious reasons to succeed.

When he steps through the ropes at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday, June 9, he’ll be spurred on by the thought of his offspring and the future he can help to solidify for them by maintaining his position as a two-sport ONE World Champion.

Eersel said:

“I have kids now, so that’s also the motivation [to stay at the top].

“When you become a dad, when you make major decisions in life, you don’t only think about yourself, you also think about your kids. Is this decision good for my daughters and their future?

“You’re going to think differently. That’s the only thing that has changed. It’s positive for me because you’re not alone in this world now. I have my two little ones and you live also for them.”

Parents become providers the moment their kids are born, and Eersel knows that’ll be a job he has for the rest of his life.

However, because his girls are still so young, the reserved Amsterdam native thinks it’ll be a while before he has to draw on his reputation to be their protector.

He explained:

“[It’s changed my mindset] a little bit. They’re not super-grown now. The oldest is just three years. So she is starting to communicate better and better, but I think I will feel [the need to be more protective] when they both get to be teenagers.”

Regian Eersel Reveals The Best Thing About Being A Dad

Every parent might have a different aspect of parenting that they most enjoy, but for Regian Eersel, it’s the small, day-to-day things he loves the most.

While special occasions, parties, and different milestones all serve as brilliant memories to look back on when his kids are grown, right now it’s simply their loving presence that gives him the biggest buzz.

The beauty isn’t only in the grandiose gestures, but the accumulation of daily interactions that prove just how much “The Immortal’s” daughters already love and look up to their father.

He offered:

“The best thing is the little things, like, for example, when I wake up they say, ‘Good morning, Daddy. How did you sleep?’ The little things when they’re showing love to you, that makes the connection very special. It’s from your own blood.

“It’s just the feeling that you get. I cannot describe it. It’s a different love to anything else.”

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