5 Reasons ONE Flyweight World Champion Adriano Moraes Is So Dominant

Adriano Moraes Winning Result Against Yuya Wakamatsu

Adriano Moraes is fired up to defend his ONE Flyweight World Title once again.

On August 26, the Brazilian superstar will rematch American legend Demetrious in the main event of ONE on Prime Video 1, which airs live in North American primetime hours.

In their first meeting last year, “Mikinho” delivered a knee to the jaw that instantly shut off Johnson’s lights. With the historic victory, he became the first man to ever finish the flyweight MMA GOAT.

Now, Moraes is confident that lightning will strike twice at the Singapore Indoor Stadium as he aims to extend his dominant reign as the divisional king.

Here are five key reasons why the 34-year-old could earn another triumph over the 12-time MMA World Champion later this month.

His Physical Attributes

Adriano Moraes Demetrious Johnson ONE on TNT I 30

Moraes is a long flyweight who’s almost 5 inches taller than Johnson, owns an additional 6-inch leg reach, and has 2 extra inches of wingspan.

And based on their first clash, the American Top Team standout knows how to capitalize on those physical advantages.

He mostly stayed out of Johnson’s reach, choosing only to throw strikes when “Mighty Mouse” entered the pocket.

Furthermore, Moraes’ massive build means he does not have to push the pace.

He can rely on his counterpart to make the first move before turning the tide in his favor and plotting a finish.

Shocking Durability

Moraes has engaged in several barnburner fights that have showcased his immense skill set.

But those thrilling battles on the global stage have also allowed fans to see his durability – an often overlooked aspect of his MMA game.

In his match against Eugene Toquero, Moraes received a flying knee to the jaw that put him on wobbly legs.

But despite being rocked, he maintained his composure and then closed out the contest with a brabo choke.

It’s clear that “Mikinho” can rebound from stinging shots, and that perseverance will be a factor if Johnson lands a crushing blow.

Black Belt BJJ Skills

The ONE Flyweight World Champion has showcased his sublime grappling skills in almost every fight, with 10 of his 20 professional MMA contests ending via submission.

However, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt is not someone who rushes in recklessly.

Instead, Moraes assesses each situation with precision. And when the opportunity arises, he shoots in for a single-leg, double-leg, or body-lock takedown, which brings the contest to his playground.

From there, the Brazilian likes to work his way from half-guard or side control before locking in a plethora of submission attempts.

Given Johnson’s renewed dedication to BJJ – and Moraes’ magic on the canvas – the grappling department should be a critical area that determines the outcome of this World Title rematch.

Knee And Ground Strikes

When his rivals hit the mat, the Brazilian is often prepared to throw a couple of knees or unleash heavy ground-and-pound.

This is something he’s done repeatedly in his ONE Championship appearances.

When Moraes moves into side control, he unloads stinging knees to the midsection and follows up with punches that force his opponent to give up their neck.

And if that opponent ends up against the cage, Moraes does not hesitate to utilize his striking.

A perfect example of this was his match-winning maneuver against “Mighty Mouse” last April – ONE’s 2021 MMA Knockout Of The Year.

Incredible Heart

“Mikinho’s” spirit and determination have helped him become one of the most successful MMA stars on the planet.

Those are values that have been inside of Moraes since he was a young age.

Just days after he was born, the future MMA superstar was abandoned on the streets of Brasilia, Brazil. Fortunately, he was adopted three years later by Mirtes Moraes from an orphanage.

Those hardships mean the 34-year-od takes nothing for granted, and every time he steps inside the Circle, his will to win is unmatched by most of his peers.

Moraes will bring that heart into his massive rematch with Johnson at ONE on Prime Video 1, where he aims to extend his reign as the flyweight king while becoming the new face of MMA in the United States.

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