The Stars Of ONE Predict Superlek Vs. Takeru World Title Fight At ONE 165

Superlek Takeru ONE165

“The Kicking Machine” Superlek Kiatmoo9‘s ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Title defense against Takeru “The Natural Born Crusher” Segawa is one of the most anticipated striking bouts in ONE Championship history.

The epic battle will headline the bill when the promotion returns to Tokyo, Japan, for ONE 165 this Sunday, January 28.

As two of the greatest competitors of this generation who are at the peak of their powers, both men certainly have what it takes to win the gold inside the Ariake Arena. However, their fellow ONE superstars are split on who they think will leave with the belt over their shoulder.

Ahead of Superlek vs. Takeru, check out these predictions from some of the biggest names in the world’s largest martial arts organization

Jonathan Haggerty

“That’s a great fight. It might come down to who’s got the biggest engine. I’ve seen Takeru. He’s been training like a machine for the last few months.

“It’s the battle between the boxing and the kicks. I think Superlek is gonna take it if he can keep him out of range with his kicks. But if Takeru gets on the inside and into the later rounds, Takeru could edge it. But if I had to say, I think Superlek might just take it.”

Kade Ruotolo

“I’d have to go with Superlek, only because I’ve personally seen him perform live in action, and I was so impressed. His mental and physical toughness, it’s going to be really difficult to bet against him.

Liam Harrison

“It’s a classic kicker-versus-puncher fight. For me, Takeru is going to have to try shut the distance down and is definitely going to have to take some horrendous kicks and long knees to get close. 

“I also see Superlek trying to smash his legs to pieces to try and slow him down. Having sparred with Superlek countless times, I can safely say in all my career I have never been kicked as fast as he did in sparring. His timing is ridiculous, and he is so sharp. 

“However, that being said, if Takeru shuts the distance down, his boxing is incredible, and his combination punching is off the charts. And with this being a kickboxing fight, Superlek’s best weapon to stop a puncher is the elbow [in Muay Thai], and that’s been taken away. It’s very, very interesting. I can’t call it, and I’m sitting on the fence.”

Janet Todd

“I’m a fan of both athletes, so it’s going to be a great fight no matter who wins. If Superlek is able to keep his distance with teeps and kicks to slow down Takeru’s movement and hands, or smother him and knee, I can see it going to Superlek.

“But if Superlek lets Takeru maintain his punching distance and lets him get into his groove, then it can be Takeru’s. Both fighters have high IQ, but I’m giving this one to Superlek.”

Liam Nolan

“I think this fight is really close. It’s a 50-50 fight. I think the fact that it’s in Japan will certainly help Takeru because he has the crowd behind him.

“But I do think Superlek will edge it out, in my opinion. It’s very close, but Superlek will win on points and utilize his defense and his kicks to the highest order.”

Phetjeeja Lukjaoporongtom

“I personally like Superlek. He’s a well-rounded fighter. His attacks are heavy and fierce. Takeru is agile but inferior to Superlek in terms of power. So I choose Superlek as the winner because I like his style.

“I can’t tell you what the game going to be. But I’m sure it will be fun to watch. There is a high chance that this fight will not go to distance if someone makes a mistake first.

“Superlek’s advantage in this match is his experience and attack power. I predict a high-paced battle.”

Rodtang Jitmuangnon

“I think Superlek will be at a disadvantage in kickboxing in terms of the fast-paced game and the rule set. On the other hand, this is the advantage of Takeru, who is a kickboxing veteran. But Superlek has more strength and durability. But if you ask me who I want to win, of course, I have to cheer for my compatriot.

“About the game on that day, Superlek can’t underestimate Takeru because he is fast and a heavy hitter. On the other hand, Takeru can’t underestimate Superlek’s dangerous high kick and flying knee.

“This fight has a 50-50 chance of not going to distance. It depends on who makes the mistake first.”

Superbon Singha Mawynn

“For me, this is a fight to die for. Superlek is ONE’s Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion. And he has competed in kickboxing for several fights [since first switching from Muay Thai]. He has a lot of experience and is used to fighting against many elite fighters. He is one of the top kickboxers in the world.

“Superlek’s strengths are his right kick and his experience in combat sports. His right kick is hard to defend. Takeru should watch for Superlek’s right kick or he’ll regret it.

“Takeru used to train with me here. I found that his style was that of an authentic kickboxer. He’s good with punching combos, leg kicks, back kicks, and push kicks. I think he has a wider range of attacks than Superlek in kickboxing.

“This match will be exciting. I’m sure they’ll go toe-to-toe. I think they both have a 50-50 chance of winning. It depends on who is more focused and has the ability to resolve situations quickly.

“I think this fight definitely has the potential to be the Fight of the Year for 2024. Let’s wait and see who is going to win!”

Suablack Tor Pran49

“Superlek’s weapons are all-powerful. I’m a lot bigger than him, but I still can’t take him down. I have muscles, but not as strong as Superlek’s. He’s a real heavy hitter. Unfortunately, the use of elbows is prohibited in this match. Otherwise, Superlek would win, 100 percent. But you can’t look down on his punches, knees, and legs.

“When I trained with Superlek, I realized why he became the World Champion – because he has a strong body like this. I believe Superlek will win by KO.”

Stamp Fairtex

“I think Takeru will be faster than Superlek, but if Superlek can kick and punch better, he can win. I am Thai, so I naturally support Thai people. Superlek, go for it. Please bring the belt home.”

Lito Adiwang

“It’s gonna be a great fight. It’s gonna be Superlek’s power versus Takeru’s speed.

“For this fight, I’m taking Takeru mainly because this match will be competed in kickboxing. I see Takeru outpointing Superlek, mainly because of his speed and the way he attacks his angles, throwing combinations and moving out of harm’s way. That’s where he’ll get Superlek. 

“One problem that Superlek might face in trying to control this fight would be in his preparation. He struggled to make weight for Rodtang, and with this being for his belt, he really has to make weight. 

“For sure, Superlek’s power will be affected. That’s where Takeru’s speed will truly shine. And it’s not only speed, Takeru has very powerful strikes. He’s a combination of speed and power. He can also pace himself to go the full five rounds. 

“If Superlek can take control of the match through his leg kicks and end the match quickly, that’s the only way I see Superlek beating Takeru.”

Eko Roni Saputra

“Even though Superlek holds the kickboxing belt, I see him as a Muay Thai fighter, whereas Takeru is a pure kickboxer. Their fighting styles are distinctly different. The ways they pressure their opponents vary too. Kickboxers often exhibit more aggressive attacks. This gives Takeru an advantage under this rule set. And despite Superlek’s powerful kicks, Takeru will likely keep a close distance to neutralize them. 

“In my opinion, Superlek will apply pressure and launch numerous low kicks. And since it will be his debut in ONE, Takeru will play aggressively as well. I anticipate Takeru will counter more. He leans towards a defense-attack approach with varied combinations. 

“I think the fight will go the distance, and Takeru might take it due to his quick punching speed and counters. Although I don’t foresee a knockout victory for either fighter, I am sure that the fight will be a barnburner, with a decisive moment at some point.”

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