Reaksi Para Bintang ONE: MARK OF GREATNESS Di Media Sosial

Para bintang bela diri campuran yang berlaga di gelaran ONE: MARK OF GREATNESS pada hari Jumat, 6 Desember, menampilkan seluruh kemampuan mereka di dalam Circle.

Setelah laga mereka, seluruh atlet ini memberikan penghormatan bagi lawan mereka — terlepas siapapun yang meraih kemenangan atau menderita kekalahan di Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Saat ini, hanya beberapa hari setelah ajang terakhir organisasi bela diri terbesar di dunia ini untuk tahun 2019, inilah bagaimana mereka menampilkan rasa syukur mereka, penghargaan, respek and kepedulian bagi tim, fan dan rival mereka.

Sam-A Gaiyanghadao Vs. Wang Junguang

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ผมดีใจมากครับ ที่ได้แชมป์เส้นนี้ Kickboxing ก่อนอื่นต้องขอบคุณโอกาสที่ดี จากคุณชาตรี ศิษย์ยอดธง และวันแชมป์เปี้ยนชิพ ขอบคุณอีวอฟมากๆครับ ที่ทำให้ผมมีวันนี้ ???? ขอบคุณครูนนท์ ขอบคุณครูเน๊าะ ครูเดย์และ ครูมวยไทยที่อีวอฟทุกๆท่านทุกๆคนครับ ที่ร่วมแรงร่วมใจเชียร์และเป็นกำลังใจให้ผมครับ…ขอบคุณทีมงานอีวอฟทุกคนด้วยครับ. และขอบคุณพี่น้องแฟนมวยที่ชื่นชอบในตัวผม คอยติดตามและเป็นกำลังใจให้ผมมาตลอด ขอบคุณจากใจจริงๆครับ ????Thank you P’ @yodchatri thank you @onechampionship thank you @evolvemma and everyone other Kru at evolve mma and everyone at evolve mma and everyone fans very very much to support me ????

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Alaverdi Ramazanov Vs. Zhang Chenglong

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Jihin Radzuan Vs. Denice Zamboanga

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Ending the year with a win is such a blessing! Thank you Lord, for the victory! ????????♥️ Can't even begin to express how grateful I am to all the people behind this success, to all my training partners @fairtextrainingcenter you guys are amaaazing! So so grateful to coach @dj_actionjackson for believing in me, push me to the limit and makes me stronger on the toughest days! So much thanks @fritzbiagtan for your help and constantly by my side during the fight week! Massive thanks to the wizard @elitefightnutrition for helping me make my weight til fight day to perform well! Also Sir Laurence of Cage Gladiators for your generous help! And thank you to all my sponsors @lila_movementechnology for helping me improved my movements in training @nutrition_depot_thailand for providing me the best supplements and keeping me fueled during camp @prettylooksph @round1mma @whitecraftdentalclinic That fight was a huge victory but the next will be even better. Thank you so much as well to my supporters, friends and my family for the prayers! So grateful to be able to represent my country ???????? Much Love! ♥️ #TeamFairtex #OneChampionship #TheMenace #DonutPower #CageGladiators #MMA #GirlPower

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Agilan Thani Vs. Dante Schiro

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I would like to thank everyone first of all for their support including my awesome sponsors @monarchymma @saladatelier @scr99_my @tagsspineandjoint @carputapp @amnigonline I m truly blessed and humbled to have u guys have my back since day one I got the win last night but I got a lot to work on thanks to all my friends and family who came out I would just like to specially thank my man @conrado.roveri for putting in a lot of time and work with me thru out the year words cannot describe this man's help I would also like to thank my professor @bruninhobbjj for Allways putting in the work on me with my Jiu-jitsu even with a busy schedule he is still there every time to give me his attention And also thanks to my bro @dimitricerberes for Allways polishing me up in my striking and talking sense in to my head thru out time. And last but not least I have only been with this lady for a about 8 months but She and I Allways do our best to put up with each other but for the past 8 week and thru out fight week thank you so much my baby @yas_its_anchali ❤️ For putting up all my shit. Osss

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Lost the battle but there's still a war to win.

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Reece McLaren Vs. Gurdarshan Mangat

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Always stay humble in victory and defeat. You must take the victories with grace and the losses also . Was an honour to stand across the cage from one of the best bantamweight/flyweights in the world . Just couple years ago, Indian fighters weren’t even in the conversation to be world contenders on the biggest global stage, there was no tv deals set up to broadcast our fights, no real support, and now one year later it has all changed and will continues to get bigger. The world is starting to realize we aren’t just known for Cricket but true warriors who have the deepest warrior spirit the world will witness. From common men and women, true warriors are born . You don’t have to be raised as an athlete, have a rich family, have special privledges , you just need a beating heart , a vision and the mindset to work hard everyday through every struggle and failure you will face in private and publicly. If the reason you aren’t taking a chance on your dream is because you are scared of failing, getting your heartbroken ,then you might as well lock yourself in a room till your last breath cause you already lost the essence of truly living. You will rise, you will fall but what you stood for and left of your spirit is what people will remember. From being that small town kid that got laughed at for ever dreaming and playing it small to fighting in front of millions of eyes around the world and sold-out arenas, I only got here based on the fact that I knew I was going to have to face the fear of risking it all in front of the eyes of the world , some days would be my day and some days it wouldn’t, but going out and seeing is a lot better than living a life of regret of playing it safe.Remember that “ What if” never made it to the arena, “What if” never realized what truly living is. I would fail my people , my culture, my values if I didn’t rise back . My peoples history is all about never backing down, never surrendering , it’s only about progression and growth . Thank you to all the amazing love and support from around the world.Thank you @onechampionship for this platform and see you guys in 2020 to write new historic chapters. ???????????????? #apnatimeaayega

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Andrei Stoica Vs. Anderson Silva

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Salutare, prieteni! Tocmai ce m-am întors din Malaezia și am revenit în sânul familiei, de care mi-a fost foarte dor. E tot ce mi-a lipsit pentru a mă simți și mai mandru și mai împlinit decât am fost vineri, după victoria frumoasă din cea mai puternică organizație de arte marțiale din Asia și, în curând, din lume. Este a doua victorie și primul K.O. din @onechampionship , o victorie cu atât mai dulce, când oponentul tău este unul foarte titrat și a luptat cu cele mai mari nume din kickbox. Dedic această victorie în primul rând fetiței mele nou-născute, Eva, și băiețeilor mei, Albert și Alex, soției și familiei mele. Vă mulțumesc vouă și prietenilor mei pentru sprijinul necondiționat, mulțumesc celei mai tari echipe cu care am lucrat vreodată, @teamstoica , pentru pregătirea de top, colegilor mei, echipei din spatele meu, antrenorului meu, @andreiochi și preparatorului meu, Florin Tașcă. Mulțumesc pentru încredere partenerilor mei, Golden Provider Distribution, JOSI Logistic, Drumețul Guard și ProLine Nutrition, care mă sprijină în viața sportivă de performanță și cărora le sunt maxim recunoscător pentru susținere! Mulțumesc organizatorilor @onechampionship pentru șansa de a lupta printre cei mai buni, în ultimul mare eveniment al anului! A fost un eveniment grozav și nu avea cum să iasă altfel, când se implică cei mai profesioniști organizatori cu care am lucrat vreodată. Nu în ultimul rând, vă mulțumesc vouă, prieteni, cei care ați fost alături de mine, care m-ați încurajat și m-ați motivat să dau tot ce am mai bun din mine și care m-ați ajutat să devin luptătorul care sunt astăzi. Nu rămâne decât să muncesc în continuare, să culeg roadele muncii și să îmi urmez visul de a ajunge până sus. Vă pup și vă iubesc!!

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Bokang Masunyane Vs. Ryuto Sawada

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Last night I had my @onechampionship debut. What an amazing experience I had. This is just the beginning. Would like to thank my coach and mentor @richiequan for all your time and work you put in us your students. I’m very excited to grow more in this sports. I had a very tough week leading up to the fight. Thank you for the effort in making sure that we ended up making the fight happen. Thanks to my team mates back at home your time day in and day out. And to all my sponsors for helping me to get through the training camp. Thanks to everyone for all the messages and support. I really appreciate it all. The Little Giant take over has began!???????????? #coachquanuniversity #coachquan #coachquanuniversity #littlegiant #onefc #onechampionship #mma #bjj #boxing #wrestling #motivated #hardwork #smartwork #lifestyle #inspiration #warrior #markofgreatness #african #southafrican #asia #malaysia

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Lerdsila Phuket Top Team Vs. Elias Mahmoudi

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Muhammad Aiman Vs. Chen Rui

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Tial Thang Vs. Kim Woon Kyoum

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Rodian Menchavez Vs. Yoon Chang Min

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Rui Botelho Vs. Taiki Naito

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