Tye Ruotolo Vs. Magomed Abdulkadirov: 4 Keys To Victory In Submission Grappling World Title Fight

Tye Ruotolo seeks a submission against Marat Gafurov at ONE on Prime Video 5

History will be made in the co-main event of ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade on Prime Video, as American phenom Tye Ruotolo will battle Russian veteran Magomed Abdulkadirov for the inaugural ONE Welterweight Submission Grappling World Title.

Airing live in U.S. primetime this Friday, November 3, the clash represents each man’s opportunity to make their mark in the world of elite ground fighting and earn 26 pounds of gold in the process.

Before these BJJ black belts lock horns at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, we dive into the biggest keys to victory in this matchup.

#1 Abdulkadirov’s Elite Wrestling

Ruotolo has made it no secret that his game plan is the same every time he competes – dominate the wrestling, secure the takedown, pass the guard, and achieve the submission.

However, Abdulkadirov could throw a wrench in that plan by utilizing his experience in freestyle wrestling along with his top-flight takedown acumen.

The Russian possesses a wide array of wrestling techniques, including arm drags, trips, and classic double-leg takedowns. If he can employ these moves and plant the Californian on his back, he will have achieved the first critical step toward scoring the upset.

#2 Ruotolo’s Vaunted D’Arce Choke

Ruotolo’s trademark D’Arce choke is an important factor against any opponent, but it will play a uniquely critical role against Abdulkadirov.

Thanks to his long, lanky arms and years of perfecting the move, the 20-year-old Atos representative can apply the D’Arce from a variety of positions, but it works particularly well to deter foes from shooting for takedowns.

The D’Arce – or even just the threat of it – should force the Russian to think twice about engaging in a wrestling battle.

What’s more, Ruotolo has proven to be a ruthless finisher with the D’Arce, even quickly submitting fellow BJJ superstar and former ONE Featherweight MMA World Title challenger Garry Tonon last May.

#3 Abdulkadirov’s Relentless Aggression

The 32-year-old Dagestani is a proven submission hunter, and he’d be wise to continue that ultra-aggressive approach this Friday.

Under ONE’s global submission grappling rule set, the primary scoring criteria is the number of legitimate submission attempts – also called “catches.”

Abdulkadirov is well aware that he’ll be facing a true prodigy and one of the planet’s top pound-for-pound submission grapplers, so he likely knows that a quick finish is out of the question.

He can, however, match the American’s incredible skill with his own nonstop aggression and rack up catch after catch with an onslaught of submission attacks. If he’s able to force Ruotolo on the defensive, Abdulkadirov could secure the decision or submission victory.

#4 Ruotolo’s High-Level Guard Passing

The young star owns some of the best guard passing in all of submission grappling, and he’ll need to lean on that skill set if he finds himself in top position.

Ruotolo readily admits that Abdulkadirov rarely makes any mistakes or leaves openings. For that reason, he must actively work to solidify a dominant position – such as side control or mount – before he jumps on any submissions.

Look for the BJJ wizard to work some of his trademark guard-passing techniques, including the leg pin or his explosive knee-cut pass, to get around the Russian’s guard, establish positional dominance, and attack for the finish.

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