‘Tranquility, Peace, And Joy’ – Animal Lover John Lineker Explains His Lifelong Love Of Horses

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John Lineker’s ferocious style makes him one of the most feared martial artists in the world, but outside of the Circle, the former ONE Bantamweight MMA World Champion is the polar opposite.

“Hands of Stone” – who returns against Stephen Loman in a matchup of top-ranked bantamweight MMA contenders at ONE Fight Night 14: Stamp vs. Ham on Prime Video – is a compassionate animal lover with a particular penchant for the equine variety. 

While his day job is requiring him to prepare for war in U.S. primetime on September 29, Lineker loves nothing more than spending time with his horses when he’s not in the gym.

It’s been a lifelong passion for the 33-year-old, who reveals he’s always felt a special bond with them – one that has never faded.

Lineker explained:

“I have liked horses since I was 8 years old. At that age, I started to fall in love, not just with horses, but with all animals. I just connected with them. But the horse is a very sincere animal that brings me a lot of tranquility, peace, and joy.”

It wasn’t enough for the young Lineker to be around horses; he wanted to be at one with them. 

Already with a keen sense of adventure and a risk-taking personality, “Hands of Stone” soon learned to ride – and he always wanted to be on the biggest, most powerful animal he could. 

Although he doesn’t get his excitement in the same way from the racehorses he owns today, the thrill from watching them in action is apparently no less intense. 

The American Top Team representative said:

“I learned to ride when I was still just 8 years old. I was a very active child, and I really liked adventure. And I think that’s why I learned to ride so quickly. I always wanted to outdo myself, and I always liked to ride the bravest horse. 

“Today, I don’t ride so much. Sometimes I go riding, but my horses are racehorses. I like to see my horses running, but the jockeys ride them to train and compete. 

“When I see my horses running, it’s an adrenaline rush that I don’t know how to explain. When they run, I get more nervous than when I fight. It’s something inexplicable!”

Lineker Says His Horses Alleviate Pressure During Fight Camps

To an outsider, the connection between owning horses and being a world-class knockout artist might not be immediately apparent. However, John Lineker gains a lot from his animals, particularly amid tough training camps.

It’s not physical, but it’s very real. After pushing his mind and body to their limits to prepare for combat, “Hands of Stone” feels mentally rejuvenated by spending time with his favorite animal.

The Brazilian said:

“When I’m in a training camp, I try to be with them more because that brings me great peace of mind. The pleasure of being there with my horses is rewarding, and it takes away all that fight tension. It helps me a lot. I love being with animals.”

Like their owner, Lineker’s racehorses have won big in competition.

And when “Hands of Stone” is finished competing in mixed martial arts, that could be where he puts even more of his energy, given that his love for horses seems to grow each year.

He added:

“Over time, my passion for animals only increased. It is a great joy for me.

“Even when I was fighting Kim Jae Woong, my mare was competing in a tournament close to my city in Curitiba. 

“She ran on Saturday, advanced to the final, and on Sunday, we were champions of the tournament. The celebration was very big!”

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