Saemapetch Vs. Mohamed Younes Rabah II: 4 Keys To Victory At ONE Fight Night 19

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Just two months after their controversial first encounter, Thai star Saemapetch Fairtex and unbeaten Algerian sensation Mohamed “The Eagle” Younes Rabah will run it back at ONE Fight Night 19: Haggerty vs. Lobo on Prime Video.

That pivotal bantamweight Muay Thai clash will air live in U.S. primetime this Friday, February 16, from the historic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

If their first showdown at ONE Fight Night 17 was any indication, fans can look forward to plenty of action in the rematch. 

In that bout last December, each striker earned a knockdown before Rabah scored his second late in the first frame. But while Saemapetch was on the canvas – and before the referee could separate the fighters – Rabah landed a borderline illegal knee strike.

The Thai tried to continue, but the damage was done, and “The Eagle” was awarded the knockout victory, much to the disappointment of the raucous Thai crowd.

Now just days away from this highly anticipated rematch, we look at each man’s biggest keys to victory on Friday night.

#1 Rabah Dictating The Distance

Standing at a towering 6-foot-2, Rabah holds a significant edge in height and reach – something he must use to his advantage.

For the tall and lanky striker, this means either attacking from long range, where he can utilize his piston-like jab and stabbing push kicks, or closing the distance to punish his foe with brutal knees and elbows in close.

In any case, Rabah should avoid hanging out in Saemapetch’s punching range, where the Thai is at his most dangerous.

Watch for “The Eagle” to carefully navigate and manage the distance, trying to ensure the fight takes place on his terms.

#2 Saemapetch’s Counter Left Hand

Currently ranked #4 in ONE’s stacked bantamweight Muay Thai division, Saemapetch has long been one of the planet’s most talented southpaw strikers.

To that end, his best weapon against Rabah will likely be his thunderous counter left hand.

In their first fight, the Fairtex Training Center representative employed this strike to great effect, scoring a knockdown in the first 90 seconds.

Given his previous success with the counter left hand, Saemapetch should make this a centerpiece of his game plan in the rematch and patiently wait for openings before firing off the show-stopping punch.

#3 Rabah’s Dynamic Kicking Game

Even though Rabah did his best work swarming the Thai with ferocious, close-quarter combinations in their first fight, he would be wise to employ some of his diverse kicking game in the rematch.

Again, “The Eagle” holds a significant reach advantage, so attacking with kicks at long range could be his easiest path to victory.

What’s more, the undefeated phenom has proven to be a supremely dangerous kicker, capable of blasting opponents with massive head kicks, crippling them with brutal leg kicks, or punishing the body with piercing push kicks.

Against Saemapetch, Rabah should let the kicks fly.

#4 Saemapetch Weathering The Early Storm

A veteran of nearly 150 professional fights, including 13 thrilling bouts in the world’s largest martial arts organization, Saemapetch holds a massive experience advantage over the 14-0 Rabah.

Considering that monumental gap in experience, the 29-year-old from Pattaya might want to drag the fight into deeper waters – a place he’s been countless times throughout his illustrious career.

For that to happen, Saemapetch must slow down his opponent’s early onslaught of aggression. Rather than exchanging at a frantic pace, as he did in their first encounter, the veteran will want to start at a more deliberate tempo before opening up in rounds two and three.

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