Lethal Weapons: 4 Signature Strikes That Propelled Superbon To Kickboxing Greatness

Superbon Singha Mawynn throws a kick on Chingiz Allazov at ONE Fight Night 6

Superbon Singha Mawynn is revered by the combat sports world for his flawless technique, with fans, fighters, and coaches all vocal in their admiration of his skills. 

The former ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Champion – who returns to action against #5-ranked Tayfun Ozcan at ONE Fight Night 11: Eersel vs. Menshikov on Prime Video – strikes with a blend of precision, timing, and power that few can match. 

The Thai icon will undoubtedly go down as one of the slickest stand-up fighters in history, but what are the most potent weapons that fueled his rise to the top?

Ahead of Superbon’s return to action at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on Friday, June 9, check out four signature strikes he’s used to defeat a who’s who of the kickboxing world. 

#1 Right High Kick

The most memorable moment of Superbon’s career is his right high kick knockout of Italian legend Giorgio Petrosyan – a victory that earned him the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title in 2021.

Although that highlight is seared into the collective consciousness of fans, it’s just one of many the 32-year-old has produced over a long and storied career. 

Superbon’s right high kick works so well because he sets it up behind the strong foundation of his right kick to the body and legs, forcing his rivals to try to defend every possible target area.

With the Thai’s speed and flexibility, he can change course mid-strike depending on how his opponent defends, and he can also land the high kick from such close range that most foes can’t anticipate it. 

It’s not just a threat when he’s on the offensive, either. Superbon will often counter kicks with a lean back, before exploding straight into a right high kick of his own while his adversary is still trying to recover. 

#2 Push Kick

Starting out in Muay Thai at the age of 5, Superbon mastered “the art of eight limbs” before switching to kickboxing, but he retained and adapted many of the sport’s token moves. 

The push kick – also known as the teep – is a key part of his arsenal that’s paid its biggest dividends against more aggressive punchers in his new sport. 

The Singha Mawynn representative doesn’t allow his opponents to settle into a rhythm because he constantly jars their forward movement with his rapid left push kick. 

He uses his right push kick as a more powerful tool, often completely flooring his foe with a shot to the body, or going high to the face. 

#3 Step-In Knee

Superbon has seamlessly integrated his Muay Thai knees into his kickboxing repertoire to make them a formidable tool. 

Because he doesn’t have the luxury of the clinch in his new discipline, he’s found various ways to set up his powerful right knee while staying within the confines of the rule set. 

The Phatthalung native can punch his way into his step-in knees to the body, or fake his push kick to close the distance and get into striking range. 

With long limbs, he can easily step up into a right knee to the head or launch himself into a jump to land it up top.

Plus, Superbon is adept at intercepting his oncoming opponents with knees, snuffing out their attacks while accumulating damage. 

#4 Straight Punch

While it’s true that Superbon is known for his lower limbs, his crisp straight punches serve as the primers for a lot of his attacks.

His jab is snapping and accurate, helping him beat his rivals to the punch in defense or set up his offensive onslaught. 

The Thai superstar’s right hand is piercing, ripping through guards via precision, not power. This distracts his opponents so that he can continue his combinations with knees or kicks when they adjust their guard for his arrow-like cross. 

Many of his compatriots are known for loading up on their punches and having one gear when it comes to their boxing output, but Superbon has a jab-cross that any boxer would be proud of. 

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