Jonathan Di Bella Vs. Danial Williams: 4 Keys To World Title Victory At ONE Fight Night 15

Jonathan Di Bella lands punches on Zhang Peimian

The co-main event of ONE Fight Night 15 on Prime Video is bound to produce white-knuckle action for as long as it lasts, as undefeated ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Champion Jonathan Di Bella puts his gold on the line against fan favorite “Mini T” Danial Williams.

Airing live in U.S. primetime this Friday, October 6, that showdown will be Di Bella’s first opportunity to defend his World Title and Williams’ chance to climb atop the kickboxing mountain.

Before the action kicks off at the legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, we take a closer look at the biggest keys to victory for each competitor.

#1 Di Bella’s Right Hook

The 27-year-old World Champion has some of the finest fists in the sport, and his venomous right hook serves as the centerpiece of his game.

Fighting out of the southpaw stance, Di Bella has mastered the art of drawing his opponent into punching range, where he can fire away with this lightning-fast, concussive blow.

Indeed, with his decorated amateur career, his experience in professional boxing, and his pristine 11-0 professional kickboxing record, the Italian-Canadian has developed a world-renowned right hook. 

Fans can expect to see him throw this weapon early and often against the hard-charging Williams, who will undoubtedly show no fear in exchanging at close range.

#2 Williams Turning It Into A Brawl

“Mini T” knows he’ll be facing a supreme technician, and for that reason, he must create a high-paced, all-action brawl at every opportunity.

A WMC Muay Thai World Champion and a former top-five strawweight MMA contender in ONE, Williams is no stranger to combat in a variety of forms.

But no matter the sport, he’s always shown an ability to thrive in wild barnburners.

Against Di Bella, the Thai-Australian should create an ugly, scrappy fight, forcing his foe on the defensive and attacking him with a broad range of strikes and combinations. If he does that, Williams will prevent the titleholder from setting his dangerous traps or imposing his technical superiority.

#3 Di Bella’s Head Kick

Another trademark weapon of Di Bella’s is his left head kick – the same strike that scored him a last-minute knockdown to secure the ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Title against Zhang Peimian.

Much like his right hook, the Montreal native’s left head kick comes as a result of crafty footwork and setups.

In fact, those two strikes often work in tandem, with the right hook forcing his opponent’s head into a perfect range for a devastating head kick.

Look for Di Bella to strategically create openings for his head kick, which could again be the deciding factor in this World Title clash.

#4 Williams Winning The Footwork Battle

Because Williams is an orthodox fighter and his opponent is a southpaw, the battle of footwork will be of the utmost importance – and it’s a battle the challenger cannot afford to lose. 

For “Mini T,” this means consistently circling to his left, making sure his lead foot is outside of Di Bella’s.

If he does this, he’ll be avoiding the divisional king’s dangerous southpaw strikes while simultaneously making his own right-sided weapons easier to land.

This fight for foot positioning is surely something that both camps have prepared for, but in order for Williams to spring the upset at ONE Fight Night 15, he must ensure it’s a fight he wins.

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