Janet Todd Vs. Phetjeeja: 4 Keys To Kickboxing World Title Victory At ONE Fight Night 20

Todd Phetjeeja faceoff

Janet “JT” Todd wants to end her incredible career on a high when she defends the ONE Women’s Atomweight Kickboxing World Title against Thai phenom “The Queen” Phetjeeja Lukjaoporongtom

Their World Title unification battle will headline the all-female ONE Fight Night 20 on Prime Video card in U.S. primetime tonight, and the American hopes to take out the surging interim titleholder before she hangs up the gloves for good.

However, Phetjeeja aims to spoil the party at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, and given her dominant 5-0 record in ONE Championship so far, it will be hard for anyone to stop her.

Both women have the skills to reach their goals, but it won’t be easy. Here are the biggest keys to victory in this intriguing World Title clash.

#1 Todd Working Behind The Jab 

Range management is going to be essential for Todd. As the longer fighter against a big puncher, she will need to earn Phetjeeja’s respect to stop her from charging forward. 

“JT’s” main tool for that job is her excellent jab, which she can use to maintain her space while creating opportunities for follow-ups.  

As a natural left-hander fighting out of the orthodox stance, the 38-year-old’s jab is stronger than most, as well as fast and accurate.  

With a 5-inch reach advantage, she can stick that punch in the Thai’s face when the latter tries to move in and load up with her power shots.  

This might make “The Queen” more cautious when pressing forward, while also teeing up Todd’s powerful straight right and low kicks.  

#2 Phetjeeja’s Head Movement

Phetjeeja’s experience as a boxer should prepare her for a taller opponent with a stiff jab, and she’ll be working on her head movement to evade the straight shots and create routes inside.  

She used her slips effectively to close in on French legend Anissa “C18” Meksen to win the ONE Interim Women’s Atomweight Kickboxing World Title in December, so it’s already a proven tactic at the elite level.  

By making Todd commit to her punches and miss, Phetjeeja can combine defense with attacks to take up the space aggressively.  

The 22-year-old has yet to meet her match when she’s inside the pocket. Quite simply, her power in this division is unrivaled, and she has a varied shot selection that is hard to defend against. 

With a hellish left hook and bomb of a right hand, Phetjeeja can wobble her opponents with a single shot – and then never let them recover.

#3 Todd’s Left Kick 

If Todd’s jab isn’t enough to keep Phetjeeja off, she can utilize her powerful left kick to deter the Thai. 

“The Queen” isn’t afraid to load up on her big right hand, and that is a chance for Todd to strike through the gap to the body. 

“JT’s” last knockout win came from a well-timed left body kick to the liver that shut down Anne Line Hogstad, confirming its potency.  

But even if there’s no knockout blow, it could slow down the marauding Phetjeeja throughout five rounds, allowing Todd to dictate the pace, rather than constantly have to contend with chaotic pressure. 

To that end, her left teep and inside low kick will be useful interruptions for “The Queen’s” relentless forward march. 

#4 Phetjeeja’s Low Kicks 

Every opponent is wary of Phetjeeja’s punches, but they can’t sleep on the rest of her game, including her hurtful leg kicks.  

It’s hard to defend other parts of the body if you’re so worried about heavy punches coming up top, and “The Queen” capitalizes on this. 

If her foes shell up, the young slugger takes the opportunity to go to the legs or body with her right shin.  

She punctuates her punching combinations with thudding shots to the thigh, and they accrue damage very quickly.  

Todd must stay on her toes to get out of the interim queen’s firing line, but if Phetjeeja can limit movement by blasting “JT’s” lead leg, she’ll have a more static target for her concussive boxing arsenal.  

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