‘English Is Very Important For Me These Days’ – Stamp Fairtex Details Her Quest To Learn A New Language

Stamp Fairtex vs. Anna Jaroonsak at ONE Fight Night 6

Stamp Fairtex is continually leveling up her mixed martial arts skills to help her stay at the top, and she’s been adding a new language to her repertoire for the same reason.  

The reigning ONE Women’s Atomweight MMA World Champion – who will next defend her crown against Denice “The Menace” Zamboanga at ONE 167 in U.S. primetime on June 7 – now has a global fan base, and she’s learning English to communicate with fans around the world more effectively.  

One moment that showed how much Stamp’s popularity has grown internationally was when she knocked out Alyse “Lil Savage” Anderson at ONE Fight Night 10 in Colorado, USA, where she drew some of the biggest cheers of the night.  

Despite going up against a local favorite, the Fairtex representative was thrilled with the reaction she got from the American crowd – and she’s eager to become a bigger presence in the country. 

Stamp told onefc.com:

“For my first fight in America, I was shocked that there were so many fans who knew about me. 

“My fondest memory was seeing American fans cheering us so loudly. I didn’t think there would be people who loved me this much.  

“I believe I can expand my fan base in America further in my next fight there.” 

Though she has a home assignment in Bangkok against Zamboanga up next, Stamp will then return to North America in a clash against “The Panda” Xiong Jing Nan for the ONE Women’s Strawweight MMA World Title at ONE 168: Denver on September 6.  

In the meantime, the 26-year-old is working hard on her English so she can be more fluent when the time comes to meet the U.S. fans and media again:

“It’s important for me to learn English because I will be able to communicate with foreigners and understand more. I know that English is very important for me these days.  

“I have a foreign teacher to teach me online. I attend class once a week. My teacher teaches me grammar and conversation. 

“In addition to studying, I have also improved my English skills by talking to foreigners at the gym. I talk to the coach all the time. Therefore, my speaking has begun to gradually improve.” 

Stamp Reveals The Most Difficult Part About Learning English 

While Stamp Fairtex’s native Thai tongue differs massively from English in many ways, and there are still elements she finds difficult, she knows that her willingness to engage in the second language is valued highly by those she converses with. 

The historic three-sport ONE World Champion has even started to field some interviews in English, though she’s more comfortable in less formal settings. 

Stamp explained: 

“Pronunciation is very difficult. Some words, if they’re pronounced incorrectly, the meaning can completely change. As for grammar, I’m not too serious about that. Because when we actually communicate with each other, foreigners are not interested in this matter. Just emphasize that you understand me, and I understand you. That’s enough. That’s what is important. 

“I still have to rely on an interpreter to help me in on-stage interviews in ONE because this show is broadcast live all over the world. You should speak correctly and officially. I am not yet an expert at that level.  

“But off the stage and when I meet foreigners informally, I say hello and talk to them without a problem because I don’t have to think hard about pronunciation or grammar.” 

The friendly Thai star is willing to try out her English with the media and any fans who want to speak to her as her star continues to rise globally. 

However, if she could have a conversation with anyone in her new language, she’d love to chat with a certain American music icon. 

Revealing the person atop her list, Stamp added: 

“If I could talk to anyone in English, it would be Bruno Mars because I always play his music while I’m running or exercising!” 

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