9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kickboxing Sensation Dovydas Rimkus

Jan 25, 2022
Dovydas Rimkus was ready for his match at ONE: NEXTGEN II.

Dovydas “Rimkenzo” Rimkus is one of the most exciting new athletes in ONE Super Series – for both his fighting style and personality. 

The Lithuanian striker will showcase those attributes when he returns for a ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix alternate bout against Ivan Kondratev at ONE: ONLY THE BRAVE this Friday, 28 January.

“Rimkenzo” loves to document his wild antics outside the Circle on his entertaining Instagram account, which is definitely one to follow. But for now, learn more about the unbeaten phenom with these nine fun facts you didn’t know.

#1 Why He Sports His Famous Hairstyle

Rimkus’ unique haircut has already caught the attention of fight fans across the world.

And while the monk-style bowl cut apparently does not please his mother, the 22-year-old likes the joy that it gives to others. Plus, he might even be starting a trend back home.

“When you see the people who have this haircut, you get a smile on your face. That’s very nice for me,” he says.

“I have seen some people in Lithuania sometimes get this haircut. Even more young people like me. And they say, ‘Oh, now I’m like Rimkenzo,’ and that’s very nice for my heart.”

#2 He Likes To Dance

It probably comes as no surprise that Rimkus loves to dance – and he will happily cut a rug to any genre if he’s in the mood.

“I can dance to all music types. Like pop, rock, and metal,” he says.

The featherweight even admits that he recently vibed to an iconic pop song by American superstar Britney Spears.

“I was visualizing [winning my next fight], and I was dancing. And then my head was like, ‘Oops!… I Did It Again,’” Rimkus jokes.

#3 He’s Into Classical Music

Sometimes, however, “Rimkenzo” wants to kick back with something a little more relaxed.

When he’s not in the mood to move, the striker enjoys listening to classical music, with his favorites being Vivaldi and Chopin.

#4 How He’d Spend A $50,000 Bonus

Despite his flamboyance, Rimkus is also a thoughtful and generous person. And if he wins one of the US$50,000 performance bonuses up for grabs on Friday, he’d like to treat the people who raised him.

“I have a dream to buy a house near the sea for my mom. Other people want to buy brand-new cars or something, but I want to give back to my parents,” he says.

“They gave everything that they had for me to do this sport, to go to school, and everything. I feel much better when I give something to someone.”

#5 He’s A Crypto Bro

The 22-year-old has jumped onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon, and he sees a big future in the sector.

“I’m collecting cryptocurrency,” he says.

“And now, I’m holding and holding, holding, holding, and I hope that I will hold until it’s to the moon.”

#6 Candy For Creativity

Rimkus’ best ideas are fueled by candy. When he’s on a diet of chicken and vegetables during fight camps, his mood sometimes drops. But when he can indulge in his favorite sweet treats, he comes back to life.

“For candy, it’s like gummy bears, chocolate, caramel, toffee, and other stuff,” he offers.

“When I get candy, my creativity explodes. I try to do a lot of things. My stories pop up. I do lots of random stuff. My life is full of colors.”

#7 Unique Training Sessions

A dose of candy apparently allows the Kaunas native to come up with his unique training ideas, which have included everything from dodging kettlebells to boxing furniture.

“I was standing in my apartment and boxing this sofa bare-knuckle, taking the sofa on my shoulder and doing push-ups,” Rimkus says.

“I have lots of different ideas when I eat regularly. I think my head is full of creativity.”

#8 His Dream Entrance

Dovydas Rimkus looked like a star on his way to the Circle at ONE: NEXTGEN II.

Rimkus entered the arena for his ONE debut on a throne, and the rising star loves the theatrical element of the walkout.

He has many ideas for future walks to the Circle, but at the top of his list is something that would take him to a whole new world.

“One day, I want to come in on a flying carpet,” he says.

“When I see other fighters fighting. They just come in and just fight. No personality. It’s not interesting.

“But when I see fighters fighting with personality, putting lots of effort into the fights, that’s what I’m trying to give – the best experience to watch the fight.”

#9 MMA Potential?

While everybody is excited to see how “Rimkenzo” grows and matures as a kickboxer, he won’t rule out trying his hand at mixed martial arts in the future.

Some of his favorite athletes compete in MMA, and he has already started training in the grappling arts.

“For now, I have to improve on kickboxing. But maybe [I could go into MMA],” he offers.

“I have trained one year in jiu-jitsu, and I have one stripe on my white belt. So maybe.”

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