3 Reasons Why Teen Muay Thai Phenom Johan Ghazali Could Be The Next Rodtang

Johan Ghazali Tai Sor Jor Piek Uthai ONE Friday Fights 18 19

At just 17 years old, Muay Thai sensation Johan “Jojo” Ghazali is being touted as a future superstar in ONE Championship.  

The Malaysian-American prodigy won four straight matches in the ONE Friday Fights event series to earn a six-figure contract with the organization. Now, he’s ready to make his U.S. primetime debut at ONE Fight Night 17 on Prime Video on Friday, December 8.

Ghazali will face Mexican striker Edgar Tabares in a flyweight Muay Thai clash at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, and he’s hoping to deliver another sensational performance that takes his career to the next level.

While there’s plenty of time for “Jojo” to grow and rise through the ranks, many insiders already believe he could follow in the footsteps of longtime ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Rodtang “The Iron Man” Jitmuangnon.  

Here are three reasons why the surging teenager has that type of potential.

#1 He Is Guaranteed Excitement

One constant throughout Ghazali’s ONE Championship tenure has been the ferocious pace of his fights.  

The Rentap Muay Thai representative never stops attacking, and he’s happy to go toe-to-toe with anybody who stands in front of him.  

Like “The Iron Man,” Ghazali has a slick skill set, but he also loves biting down on his mouthpiece and throwing bombs in the pocket without taking a backward step. 

There’s never a lull in the action, and his fights deliver the same edge-of-the-seat feeling that Rodtang brings to each appearance.

#2 He’s Got That Dog In Him 

Rodtang’s superhuman ability to absorb damage and ask his opponents for more is one of his trademarks. For his part, Ghazali has shown a similar temperament in recent encounters.  

Tapping his chin and beckoning his rivals forward, “Jojo” invites them to come into his range and throw their best shots, confident in his ability to exit those exchanges with the upper hand. 

That’s a confidence that few teenagers have, and it seemingly comes naturally, just like the fearlessness that runs through “The Iron Man’s” bones.  

It’s also been effective – as evidenced by Ghazali’s knockout win over Tai Sor Jor Piek Uthai after he drew him in with taunts in round three of their clash at ONE Friday Fights 18

#3 He’s Already A Fan Favorite 

While there’s a long way to go in order to match Rodtang’s level of stardom, Ghazali has already started to build a loyal fan base. 

The rising flyweight owns a rare combination of talent, charisma, and excitement, and those traits are drawing legions of supporters to follow his journey.  

Moreover, he’s not just playing his part in the ring. “Jojo” recognizes the value of giving back to his fans, taking the time to meet and interact with the growing number who are getting on the bandwagon early.  

Still four years younger than when Rodtang debuted in ONE, Ghazali has an incredible foundation and a long time to continue building toward a prosperous future.

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