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Witchayakorn “SuperBenz” Niamthanom

Weight Limit
169.98 LBS / 77.1 KG
5'10" FT / 180 CM
27 Y
Yorky MMA

About Witchayakorn Niamthanom

Status: Former ONE Athlete


MFC Lightweight Tournament Champion Witchayakorn Niamthanom was born and raised in Bangkok, where he had a comfortable upbringing in a family with a successful agricultural business. However, he knew from the time he first saw martial arts competitions on the internet that he wanted to become a professional combat sports athlete.

Known as “SuperBenz,” a nickname derived from his love of Superman and Mercedes-Benz automobiles, Niamthanom first started his martial arts journey with Muay Chaiya, a traditional form of Thai boxing that is a predecessor of the modern sport of Muay Thai.

“”SuperBenz”” later began competing in Muay Thai but soon transitioned to mixed martial arts, winning the MFC Lightweight Tournament in 2017 as an amateur before turning professional soon after to further test his skills.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Submission SUB
R1 (2:11)
R1 (2:11)
R1 (2:11) Khalid_Friggini avatar 500x345 1
Khalid Friggini
A New Breed II
Sep 11, 2020
Morocco Sep 11, 2020
A New Breed II
Sep 11, 2020

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