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Eko “Electrical Knock Out” Priandono

Weight Limit
134.92 LBS / 61.2 KG
5'7" FT / 172 CM
30 Y
Saint Electra MMA

About Eko Priandono

OPMMA Bantamweight Champion Eko Priandono started his mixed martial arts journey by learning the basics of Pencak Silat from his father. In search of further challenges, he began training in boxing and competed both regionally and nationally before adding wushu sanda and Muay Thai to his regimen.

Priandono caught the eye of ONE Championship early and competed in the ONE: TITLES AND TITANS Jakarta Flyweight Tournament in 2016. He would return to dominate the Indonesian scene, winning five bouts in a row and capturing the Bantamweight title in a regional promotion.

He then got another chance to compete on the global stage of ONE Championship and is now pursuing his dream of becoming Indonesia’s first World Champion. Despite the many obstacles that he faces in training, Priandono believes he can become a top contender with enough hard work.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Unanimous Decision UD
R3 (5:00)
Unanimous Decision
R3 (5:00)
R3 (5:00) Abro_Fernandes avatar 500x345 2
Abro Fernandes
Indonesia / Timor-Leste
Warrior’s Code
Feb 7, 2020
Indonesia / Timor-Leste Feb 7, 2020
Warrior’s Code
Feb 7, 2020