Smooth As Butter

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An exchange of knowledge โš”๏ธ
Controversial Fight Ending?!  Reug Reug vs. Kirill Grishenko
Chalie has the HEART of a warrior! โค๏ธโ€
Brazil lands a BRILLIANT elbow!
THE COMEBACK  Kongsuk roars back with two knockdowns in the final frame!
Sunday starts his weekend with a NASTY KO!
Finish STRONG  Mahesuan steamrolls Pet with 30 seconds left!
ONE PUNCH KO  Huo Xiaolong stops Majid Karimi in Round 2! #
Dedicated to Dad
DAZZLING  Deniz Demirkapu debuts with a body kick KO in under a minute!
Six piece with a soda
Samingdam goes cartwheeling โ€โ™‚๏ธ