ONE Warrior Series

Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series | Season 1 | Match Focus: Hardwick vs. Zhibo & Olsim vs. Siddique

In this week’s edition, we take a look at 2 bouts from competition night of ONE Warrior Series.

Rising American prospect JD Hardwick took on Chinese contender Lu Zhibo. This bout had an aggressive start with both competitors throwing hard-hitting offense. JD Hardwick was able to counter Lu Zhibo’s attacks and constantly kept looking for finishes. Shortly after, JD Hardwick landed a triangle choke submission win.

Flashy striker Jerry Olsim was paired up against Pakistani prospect Shahid Siddique in what was a thrilling affair. Olsim started the bout throwing a multitude of flashy kicks, looking for a big knockout. Siddique never faltered, displaying the heart of a warrior and constantly coming forward. However, Olsim’s offensive attacks were enough to score him the victory after the bout was over.

In addition, athletes Shahid Siddique and JD Hardwick each received Warrior Bonuses, cash awards of variable amounts, for their incredible performances, display of unbreakable will and perseverance through adversity.

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