ONE Friday Fights 14: Gingsanglek vs. Chorfah

ONE Championship is back on April 28 with ONE Friday Fights 14 at the iconic Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand! The exciting card is headlined by a Muay Thai banger between Thai striking stars Gingsanglek and Chorfah!

Catchweight Muay Thai (132 pounds)
Gingsanglek vs. Chorfah

Atomweight Muay Thai
Khunsueklek vs. Koko

Strawweight Muay Thai
Kongchai vs. Xavier Gonzalez

Catchweight Muay Thai (147 pounds)
Saenphon vs. Yodkompatak

Catchweight Muay Thai (117 pounds)
Numsurin vs. Yodsila

Catchweight Muay Thai (113 pounds)
Sagaengarm vs. Chatpichit

Catchweight Muay Thai (142 pounds)
Seksan vs. Sean Clancy

Catchweight Muay Thai (149lbs)
Ferrari vs. Fariya Aminipour

Flyweight Muay Thai
Chalarm Paranchai vs. Mohammad Sadeghi

Atomweight Muay Thai
Lisa Brierley vs. Francisca Vera

Strawweight MMA
Dave Bangguigui vs. Marcus Paulo Amaral

Flyweight Muay Thai
Jalill Barnes vs. Doraemon

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