[Live In HD] ONE Friday Fights 55: Avatar vs. Nabati

ONE Championship is back on March 15 with ONE Friday Fights 54 at the iconic Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand! The exciting card is headlined by a Muay Thai scrap between Thai star Avatar and undefeated Russian phenom Kiamran Nabati!

#ONEFridayFights55 | Fri Mar 15 at 7:30PM ICT/7:30AM ET
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Check out the full card below, and make sure you tune in live!

Bantamweight Muay Thai
Avatar vs. Kiamran Nabati

Catchweight Muay Thai (113 pounds)
Tomyamkoong vs. Rittidet

Catchweight Muay Thai (123 pounds)
Bhumjaithai vs. Panthep

Flyweight Muay Thai
Denphuthai vs. Rhuam Felipe

Strawweight Muay Thai
Chalamdam vs. Singtanawat

Catchweight Muay Thai (122 pounds)
Jompadej vs. Kaichon

Catchweight Muay Thai (127 pounds)
Longern vs. Stephen Irvine

Strawweight Muay Thai
Natalia Diachkova vs. Chellina Chirino

Lightweight Mixed Martial Arts
Matheus Pereira vs. Khasan Khaliev

Flyweight Kickboxing
Sherzod Kabutov vs. Taiki Naito

Catchweight Muay Thai (137 pounds)
Joker vs. Ryota Koshimizu

Bantamweight Submission Grappling
Shoya Ishiguro vs. Toshiyasu Sagae

#ONEFridayFights55 #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship

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