[Live In HD] ONE Friday Fights 23: Paedsanlek vs. Kongklai

ONE Championship is back on June 30 with ONE Friday Fights 23 at the iconic Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand! The stacked card is headlined by the Muay Thai banger between Thai superstars Paedsanlek and Kongklai!

Check out the full card below, and make sure you tune in live!

Catchweight Muay Thai (140 pounds)
Paedsanlek vs. Kongklai

Catchweight Muay Thai (168 pounds)
Beckham vs. Anton Petrov

Strawweight Muay Thai
Pettong vs. Stephen Irvine

Catchweight Muay Thai (128 pounds)
Petlampun vs. Patakake

Catchweight Muay Thai (116 pounds)
Chokdee vs. Numsurin

Catchweight Muay Thai (119.2 pounds)
Songchainoi vs. Mungkorn

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