‘Stoked To Pull That Off’ – Tye Ruotolo Thrilled To Win With Identical Submission As Twin Brother Kade At ONE Fight Night 21

Tye Ruotolo Izaak Michell ONE Fight Night 21 64

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu prodigy Tye Ruotolo and his twin brother, Kade Ruotolo, turned in a pair of remarkable performances in U.S. primetime last Friday, April 5, at ONE Fight Night 21: Eersel vs. Nicolas on Prime Video.

First, Kade submitted dangerous Brazilian newcomer Francisco Lo in a catchweight contest. And in the co-main event, Tye tapped out Australian star Izaak Michell to successfully defend his ONE Welterweight Submission Grappling World Title.

Incredibly, both brothers used the same innovative and unique choke from the back – aptly dubbed the “Ruotolotine.”

After those standout victories in Bangkok, Tye spoke to onefc.com about the twin submissions.

The 21-year-old said:

“You know what, that was just a big coincidence what happened tonight. I think when my brother and I are feeling our sharpness, we’re the best versions of ourselves. Maybe the same thing’s going to happen – it usually is a submission. So yeah, I was super stoked to pull that off with my brother tonight.”

Now with a combined 12-0 record in the world’s largest martial arts organization and each firmly in control of ONE Submission Grappling World Titles, the Ruotolos are living a dream come true.

From growing up as child prodigies to becoming the youngest-ever IBJJF Black Belt World Champion (Tye) and the youngest-ever ADCC World Champion (Kade), the Californians have plenty to be thankful for.

To that end, Tye spoke about their immense gratitude for where they are in life:

“You know, last night my brother and I, we were in our hotel room, we looking over some matches, and we were just talking with each other, and we were just talking about how we’ve been so blessed our entire lives, you know?

“We had to take a second and just make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed, you know, ’cause sometimes, it just feels like we’re on this roller coaster, and we took a second, and we were looking at us, like man, we’re so lucky.

“We’re so blessed to have the family that we have, the people that we have around us, all the friends, all the fans. All the comments, all the support, they really, you know… there’s no other explanation other than God. So I just want to thank God, I want to thank my family, and everybody around us. We love you guys so much.”

What’s Next For Tye Ruotolo?

With Tye Ruotolo’s highlight-reel victory over Izaak Michell, he defended the ONE Welterweight Submission Grappling World Title for the first time and further cemented his status as a pound-for-pound great.

Never one to back away from a challenge, the American titleholder now has his sights set on multiple-time IBJJF World Champion Nicholas Meregali – the last man to defeat him in no-gi competition:

“I mean I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but Nicholas Meregali, you know. Really, that’s the only name that I want to call out right now. He keeps running.”

Along with their victories at ONE Fight Night 21, the twin brothers each netted US$50,000 performance bonuses for their dual “Ruotolotine” finishes.

The extra six figures in their bank accounts, says Tye, will go a long way toward making upgrades to their custom-made BJJ gym in the paradise of Costa Rica.

He spoke about their vision for the gym, which is rapidly taking shape:

“Can’t wait to just be able to have a spot where people can come train and really just improve their lives – every aspect of that. Their jiu-jitsu skills and their health in general. We’re going to have a spot that’s just healing.”

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