Anatoly Malykhin Sees ‘No Real Threat’ From Reug Reug Ahead Of World Title Clash At ONE 169: Atlanta

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Last week, news broke that a blockbuster heavyweight showdown between three-division ONE MMA World Champion Anatoly “Sladkiy” Malykhin and Senegalese behemoth “Reug Reug” Oumar Kane is heading to ONE 169: Atlanta.

Slated to take place on November 8 at State Farm Arena, that World Title clash will represent the culmination of months and months of rising tensions between the two athletes.

“Sladkiy” and “Reug Reug” have been trading barbs on social media for some time, and now that their highly anticipated fight is finally on the calendar, they’re not about to slow down the insults.

As the first man in MMA history to simultaneously hold World Titles in three different weight classes, the undefeated Russian superstar is brimming with confidence and unfazed by his opponent.

When asked about Kane’s best assets as a fighter, Malykhin was harsh and straight to the point. He told

“The only thing ‘Reug Reug’ really has going for him is his strength. Yeah, the guy’s strong, and his balance ain’t bad, but that’s about it.”

To say the former Senegalese Wrestling Champion is “strong” might be an understatement.

The 32-year-old Kane is a mountain of a man, feared for his crushing grappling, intense ground-and-pound, and thunderous punching power.

However, Malykhin isn’t impressed by “Reug Reug” or his three-fight winning streak. He’s quick to say that his foe possesses a suspect gas – one that has never been tested in the championship rounds:

“He’s slow, can’t time punches for the life of him, and his cardio sucks. Three rounds and he’s gassed, and this is a five-rounder.”

Malykhin’s criticisms don’t stop there. He says that when the going gets tough, Kane tends to bend the rules in his favor.

Even still, the reigning middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight MMA kingpin isn’t concerned:

“‘Reug Reug’ usually falls apart after the first anyway – hands drop, starts grabbing at opponent’s shorts or gloves. Kind of a dirty fighter, really. No real threat, though.”

Malykhin Promises A Knockout For U.S. Fans

When Anatoly Malykhin squares off with Oumar Kane at ONE 169: Atlanta, he’ll be making his long-awaited debut on North American soil.

With his unblemished professional record, 100 percent finishing rate, and three ONE MMA World Titles, the Russian’s track record gives fans plenty to be excited about.

And for his part, Malykhin is promising to deliver fireworks on November 8:

“American fans love knockouts, right? They want a good show, fighters going all out, leaving it all in the cage. That’s what I’m gonna give them – a knockout, a damn good fight!”

While “Sladkiy” is most feared for his clean boxing technique and shocking punching power, he comes from a top-tier wrestling background.

Considering “Reug Reug’s” own knockout power, some fans might expect the defending titleholder to employ a safer, grappling-based approach.

But when posed with that idea, Malykhin quickly brushed the suggestion aside:

“Nah, I’m just gonna knock him out. Simple as that.”

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