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वट्सापिन्या “ड्रीम गर्ल” केउखोंग

भार सीमा
115.08 LBS / 52.2 KG
4'11" FT / 150 CM
28 Y
Sitpriwan / Wildcard MMA

वट्सापिन्या केउखोंग के बारे में

Thai National Judo Champion Watsapinya “Dream Girl” Kaewkhong was a live-in athlete at a sports school in her youth. A skilled grappler due to her judo and wrestling background, she has also compiled a 46-12 record in Muay Thai competition, belying her all-round martial arts skill.

Kaewkhong became a professional mixed martial artists in hopes of a better life for her family, training out of WildCard MMA at Thammart University in Bangkok along with OWS alumni Saharat “”Bang”” Khongsawat, Saksit “”Crush Man”” Janhom, and Sanya Kongkatonk.

“Dream Girl” was identified by scouts as one of the most talented and exciting Thai women to join the ONE Championship roster, and she is determined to make the opportunity count now that she has made it onto the global stage.

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