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रॉय “द डॉमिनेटर” डोलीगेज़

भार सीमा
125 LBS / 56.7 KG
5'4" FT / 163 CM
42 Y
Elorde MMA

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स्टेटस – पूर्व ONE एथलीट

Roy Doliguez grew up in Malungon, on Mindanao island in the Philippines. The son of farmers and one of nine siblings, he would often get into fights after school, and cut classes to participate in boxing matches at local barrio fiestas.

His father started training him formally in boxing at age 12 to instill discipline in him, and he moved to Manila looking for work after graduating from high school, continuing his boxing training there. Making his professional boxing debut in 2000, Doliguez went on to have a highly-successful career across 46 bouts, winning several local titles and even challenging for a WBO World Super Flyweight title in 2003.

In 2011, he decided he wanted to compete with a more realistic rule set, and switched his focus to the cage. He began to make a name for himself on the Filipino scene, and soon made his way to ONE Championship. He regrets not going to college due to only being interested in boxing at the time, and has vowed to become a ONE World Champion to atone for that mistake.

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नॉकआउट (KO) KO
राउंड 2 (0:38)
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फिलीपींस Nov 10, 2017
Legends Of The World
Nov 10, 2017
नॉकआउट (KO) KO
राउंड 3 (2:58)
नॉकआउट (KO)
राउंड 3 (2:58)
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Total Victory
Sep 16, 2017
ब्राजील Sep 16, 2017
Total Victory
Sep 16, 2017