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केसी “पिनाय फाइट” कार्लोस

भार सीमा
125 LBS / 56.7 KG
5'2" FT / 160 CM
37 Y
Heritage Muay Thai / Phuket Top Team

केसी कार्लोस के बारे में

Before winning Champinoships at the Bangla and Chalong Boxing Stadiums, KC Carlos grew up in Houston, Texas, and was a mischievous and unruly child. Her parents enrolled her in taekwondo classes in an attempt to instill discipline in her, and she went on to compete extensively, dreaming of one day winning an Olympic medal.

Although her Olympic dream was not to be, Carlos was introduced to Muay Thai and fell in love with the sport. She went on to earn numerous accolades, including representing Team USA at the IFMA World Championships, winning two stadium belts in Thailand, and even contending for a WMC Muay Thai World Title.

Carlos specializes in kicking techniques, drawing on her taekwondo background and lifetime of repetitive training. She has eagerly awaited this opportunity to show her skills on the world stage, and she has since redoubled her efforts in training to make a good impression in ONE Super Series. Her number-one goal is to give performances that will make her family, friends, team, and trainers proud.

ONE Championship रिकॉर्ड्स

इवेंट के रिजल्ट्स

रिजल्ट तरीका राउंड तरीका और राउंड प्रतिद्वंद्वी प्रतिद्वंद्वी और इवेंट देश तारीख इवेंट
तकनीकी नॉकआउट (TKO) TKO
राउंड 2 (1:06)
तकनीकी नॉकआउट (TKO)
राउंड 2 (1:06)
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नट जारूनसाक
A New Breed
Aug 28, 2020
थाईलैंड Aug 28, 2020
A New Breed
Aug 28, 2020