Shamil Gasanov Vs. Oh Ho Taek: 4 Keys To Victory At ONE Fight Night 18

Shamil Gasanov is declared winner against Kim Jae Woong at ONE on Prime Video 3

As the new ONE Fight Night 18 on Prime Video headliners, Shamil “The Cobra” Gasanov and Oh Ho “Spider” Taek will be keen to impress the promotion’s global fan base live in U.S. primetime.  

The elite featherweight MMA athletes know that a decisive win in the top slot on Friday, January 12, will have a big impact on their division, especially given Gasanov’s #4 spot in the rankings.  

However, both men have a lot to navigate in this intriguing battle at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, and they’ll have to be at their best if they want to leave with a notch in the win column.  

Here are four keys to victory for Gasanov and Oh ahead of their crucial clash in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Oh’s Range 

Oh Ho Taek goes for a kick against Ryogo Takahashi at ONE on Prime Video 2

Oh will want to make the most of his height and reach advantage over Gasanov to keep the grappling standout at bay. 

Although both men are primarily grapplers, “Spider” is the one who carries the most threat on the feet, and this could be his best route to success.  

The South Korean has long front kicks that he can use to stab away at his rival’s midsection, accumulate damage, and keep the Russian from setting up his takedown entries.  

When Gasanov starts to react to block or counter these kicks, Oh can then find the gaps to let rip with his powerful punches.  

With three inches of reach on his side, he can land his straight shots and still try to stay on the outside or sit on his shots to see if he can get “The Cobra” out of there early with his concussive left hook. 

Gasanov’s Double-Leg Takedowns

Shamil Gasanov seeks a submission against Kim Jae Woong at ONE on Prime Video 3

Gasanov’s go-to will always be his top game, so expect him to time his double-leg takedowns to put the fight in his preferred range.  

“The Cobra” is most effective when he uses strikes to set it up – either by shooting behind his own punches or ducking under his opponent’s. 

If the Russian can finish his takedown attempts, it will help to keep him out of Oh’s most effective takedown range in the clinch and ensure he’s the one who ends up on top.  

By successfully closing the distance with Oh and putting the South Korean on his back, he’ll swing the odds massively in his favor because his ground offensive is one of the best in the division. 

Oh’s Fast Back-Attacks

While Oh may want to stay away from grappling exchanges with “The Cobra,” he’s savvy enough to be able to take the opportunities if they present themselves, and it could be this quick thinking in the transitions that puts him in a good spot. 

“Spider” can take the back in the blink of an eye, with a seemingly innate ability to secure the position given half a chance.  

If he can stuff Gasanov’s double-leg, he has the chance to compound the Russian’s woes by immediately going on the counter-attack in his hunt for back control.  

From there, he is adept at holding the position while he searches for a rear-naked choke – something he has successfully done three times so far in his professional career.  

If he can’t get the choke, Oh will also look to strike to finish or open up the neck, potentially putting Gasanov in a world of trouble. 

Gasanov’s Strong Passing And Submissions 

Gasanov’s best way of shutting down any hope for Oh on the ground is to get and maintain dominant positions.  

He does this very well, straight away looking to pass guard once he gets his rivals on the canvas.  

His favorite route is to get to side control, and once he’s there he will aggressively attack for submissions and ground-and-pound.  

Often, as his opponents try to escape, “The Cobra” will be a step ahead and already goading them into a guillotine choke that he’s used to dispatch three opponents. 

If they keep turning to give up their back, it can get even worse as Gasanov has finished another four fights via rear-naked choke.

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