Rodtang Vs. Denis Puric: 4 Keys To Victory In Kickboxing Fight At ONE 167

Rodtang Jitmuangnon Edgar Tabares ONE Fight Night 10 36

Fans are rightly salivating at the prospect of Rodtang “The Iron Man” Jitmuangnon and Denis “The Bosnian Menace” Puric throwing down at ONE 167: Tawanchai vs. Nattawut II on Prime Video

The hard-hitting duo can always be relied upon to deliver exciting action, and their flyweight kickboxing battle could certainly produce a Fight of the Year candidate in U.S. primetime this Friday, June 7. 

Although Rodtang won’t be defending his ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Title, there is still a lot at stake for Puric, who has finally earned his chance to battle the Thai megastar after years of calling him out.

It won’t be an easy assignment for either man when they come face-to-face at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, but they’re both confident they can get the job done. 

With that in mind, here are four big keys to victory that could determine the result at ONE 167.

#1 A Strong Start For Puric 

Puric has a lot of success when he comes out of the blocks fast and looks to score with heavy shots early. 

After spending so many years in five-round Muay Thai – where the opening three minutes are often more tentative – Rodtang can sometimes be more laid back at the start of fights, which could offer an opportunity for “The Bosnian Menace” to get ahead.

The 39-year-old dropped Tagir Khalilov in the first round and won the opening stanza against decorated Thai star Yodlekpet Or Atchariya, showing that he is dangerous with his foot on the gas early.  

Of course, Rodtang has looked almost impossible to stop or even hurt in recent years, so while the Canadian-Bosnian underdog would love a knockout, a victory on the scorecards must be a major consideration. 

Having only three rounds is likely a plus for Puric, who has slowed down in the later stages of previous bouts, while Rodtang tends to heat up.  

#2 Rodtang’s Forward Pressure 

Rodtang’s biggest asset will always be his relentless pressure and high volume of strikes.  

Although Puric is as tough as they come, not many have been able to halt “The Iron Man’s” onslaught once he reaches full speed.  

With a punishing rate of 22.5 significant strikes landed per round, his rivals don’t get many chances to fire back when they’re being out-hustled by the aggressive flyweight Muay Thai king.  

It’s also difficult to appear in control when they’re being pushed backward by Rodtang’s volleys of punches – something the judges will take into consideration.  

As “The Iron Man” lands, he grows more confident, often dialing up his effort while his foe starts to wilt from the nonstop pace. 

If Puric gets complacent and allows Rodtang to press him into the Circle Wall, he’s likely to absorb a lot of punishment before escaping – if he can escape at all. 

#3 Puric Using The Space 

It’s not wise to engage with Rodtang on his terms, and with the battle being contested inside the Circle rather than the ring, Puric can make the most of the increased space to maneuver around the Thai slugger. 

His ego might tell him to go toe-to-toe with “The Iron Man,” but the veteran’s experience should rein him in and prompt him to fight smarter. 

When Puric defeated Jacob Smith to earn the #2 spot in ONE’s flyweight Muay Thai rankings last time out, he took the lead with a pair of knockdowns in round two and then employed a hit-and-move strategy in the final stanza to secure the victory. 

He could do something similar against Rodtang, moving away from the Jitmuangnon Gym athlete’s power and countering with his powerful right hand.  

Winning round one would put pressure on “The Iron Man” to chase, potentially giving Puric even more chances to find an opening.

#4 Rodtang’s Body Assault 

Rodtang does not slow down or stop pushing, and he’ll feel confident in his conditioning advantage, but he could widen that gap by going to work on Puric’s body. 

“The Iron Man” has a devastating left hook to the liver, especially when his opponents are forced to cover up from his heavy work upstairs. 

If he can land early strikes on “The Bosnian Menace’s” midsection, he will take the wind out of his sails, which will pay dividends later in the match.  

And while Puric has a durable chin, Yodlekpet finished him with a relentless body attack – something Rodtang has already scouted as a weak link.  

The 26-year-old isn’t a prolific body kicker, but after seeing that route to victory against his upcoming foe, it could be something he puts to use in Friday’s matchup.

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