Regian Eersel Vs. Dmitry Menshikov: 4 Keys To World Title Victory At ONE Fight Night 11

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Dmitry Menshikov is the latest man attempting to end Regian Eersel’s run of dominance in ONE Championship – and their matchup should produce an absolute barnburner.

The Russian will make his promotional debut when he challenges “The Immortal” for the ONE Lightweight Muay Thai World Title in the main event of ONE Fight Night 11 on Prime Video, but he comes armed with a powerful arsenal and an 11-fight winning streak.

However, defending king Eersel boasts 21 straight victories of his own – including a perfect 9-0 slate in ONE – so it will take a monumental effort to unseat him at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Here are the biggest keys to victory for both athletes ahead of their sizzling showdown in U.S. primetime this Friday, June 9.

#1 Menshikov’s Concussive Punches

Both competitors are coming in hot for this epic World Championship tilt, but it’s new turf for Menshikov, and he must start strong to show he means business.

Eersel puts pressure on his rivals from the opening bell and often grows into a match with his never-ending gas tank, so the challenger must try to assert himself early by landing his heavy hands.

To that end, the Prokopyevsk native throws devastating punches from both sides and works best when he can force his opponent backward into a corner, where he can hand fight to force openings.

If he can take this initiative and clock “The Immortal” in the opening stages, the 25-year-old will have a better chance to grab a quick lead.

With 19 knockouts among his 27 victories, Menshikov is already a proven finisher, and he’ll go for broke if sees a sliver of opportunity at any point. But against an opponent as resilient and conditioned as Eersel, early success would lay a solid foundation if the match goes into the later rounds.

#2 Eersel’s Longer Range

The aggressive World Champion will walk any man down inside the ring, but against the punishing punches of his opponent, he could be wise to find his range from the outside first while he gets a read on Menshikov’s reactions.

At 6-foot-2 and with long limbs, Eersel will have the reach advantage, and he has a lot of tools to make the best use of that.

With accurate jabs to the head and body, stabbing front kicks, and hard low kicks, “The Immortal” can operate at the edge of the challenger’s reach while still being in a position to rack up plenty of damage.

Plus, Menshikov sometimes gets flustered and throws wild shots when things aren’t going his way, and an astute striker like Eersel can capitalize on any rash decisions.

#3 Menshikov Covering Up To Counter

Menshikov isn’t afraid to cover up and ride out a storm to catch his opponent with a thudding counter.

The Empire Club representative employs a tight guard and believes in his ability to absorb punches. Almost like he’s playing possum, the Russian will let his foe swarm with strikes until they get overexcited and start to leave gaps.

The more his rival loads up, the more space they’ll offer for his replies. Then it’s Menshikov’s turn to strike, and he’ll look to unleash ferocious hooks and uppercuts that can quickly spell danger.

While it’s certainly a risky strategy against a big hitter like Eersel in 4-ounce gloves, the challenger has experience with them, and he knows how to make the necessary adjustments to help avoid eating the biggest shots.

#4 Eersel Finding Gaps With Knees And Body Shots

Menshikov’s shelling and countering strategy has worked well for him in the past, but he’s yet to face a foe with the accuracy and shot selection of “The Immortal.”

While it could be tempting to head hunt with punches when an opponent is shelling up, Eersel has a vast repertoire of strikes that can find different target areas.

The reigning king’s body shots are enough to take the wind out of anyone’s sails, as Sinsamut Klinmee found out in their second World Title encounter back in March.

The 30-year-old also has piercing knees that can drive into Menshikov’s midsection if he’s committed to defending his head, or they go up the middle to the chin, snaking through the smallest of gaps toward the target.

This doesn’t leave Eersel’s rivals any place to hide. It also forces them to match his work rate in order to stay in the fight – and that can eventually cause them to crumble.

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