‘I’ve Never Been More Motivated’ – Jarred Brooks Says Fatherhood Will Make Him A Hungrier, Better Fighter

Jarred Brooks celebrates his win at ONE 164

Fatherhood brings a whole new set of priorities, but Jarred Brooks believes it will only make him more determined to achieve professional success.

The ONE Strawweight MMA World Champion – who next challenges Mikey Musumeci for the ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Title at ONE Fight Night 13 on Prime Video on August 4 – knows that victory is the best way to thrive in the tough world of combat sports.

Thriving means financial security and prosperity, and with his daughter, Naomi Mae Brooks, expected in November, “The Monkey God” is laser-focused on that goal.

Ahead of his U.S. primetime matchup with Musumeci next week, Brooks detailed the wave of emotions he can’t wait to experience with the birth of his first child – and what it will mean for his professional career:

“Man, I’m super excited. I’ve never been more motivated in my life, in MMA, and in trying to become a better person for my daughter.

“It’s going to be spectacular, man. I can’t wait for that magical moment when I can look into her eyes.

“When I look at my opponent’s eyes, I’m only going to see the light in [my daughter’s] eyes to the point where it makes me want to kill him.”

Brooks already sits atop his division in the MMA ranks, and he could have stayed within his comfort zone to defend the belt.

However, “The Monkey God” decided to take his shot at something new in order to open up more potential opportunities in the future. Thinking he’ll be able to call his shots with World Titles in two sports, the American star sees a chance to earn more for his family.

Because, while he initially wanted success to fulfill his own dreams, he now sees it as a way to provide for all of his future daughter’s wants and needs.

The 30-year-old explained:

“I was more of somebody that looked out for myself, which is the same for a lot of fighters. And now I don’t really care about myself. I’ve got to look forward to my daughter and make sure that she has the absolute best life possible. And making sure that I can get her anything that she wants.

“She is going to be very spoiled. And she’s gonna have an amazing life and have people around her that love her to the end of the sun.”

Jarred Brooks Says Family Will Always Come First

Being a ONE World Champion is an endeavor that requires an enormous amount of effort and sacrifice, and Jarred Brooks already gives his all when preparing to compete on the global stage.

Soon, he’ll need to find an extra gear to balance fatherhood with his busy training schedule. But “The Monkey God” doesn’t think it will be an issue, and he always plans to prioritize his daughter.

He said:

“There’s gonna be difficulties about being a father just like anybody else. It’s just about taking the time out of your day and being a father first and a mixed martial artist second.

“I’m going to make sure that my daughter has daddy-daughter time. I’m going to make sure that she is happy constantly.

“And she’s going to be coming to the gym with me anyway. So, she’s gonna be learning at a very young age. She’s gonna be a gangster just like her pappy and just like her mom!”

The hours Brooks spends honing his craft will correlate with his success as a competitor, but the results won’t just benefit him. Being the best to leave his own legacy is now a side project compared to achieving greatness and giving Naomi Mae a life that she can flourish in.

With that in mind, “The Monkey God” plans on dominating in ONE Championship to provide for his family and make them proud.

He added:

“I’ll give everything to my baby’s mother and my daughter. Like I said, I don’t matter anymore. It isn’t about me. It’s all about them. And I just want to make sure that they’re happy and they have a nice house, and that they’re proud of their husband and father.”

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