‘Fight For My Family Till The End’ – Sitthichai Reveals The Driving Force Behind His Enduring Success

Marat Grigorian Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong ONE 165 31

Sitthichai “Killer Kid” Sitsongpeenong knows he is entering the latter stages of his incredible striking career, but there’s still a force pushing him to succeed at the highest level.

When the 32-year-old legend returns in a featherweight kickboxing clash against Japanese superstar Masaaki Noiri at ONE 167: Tawanchai vs. Nattawut II on Prime Video on June 7, he’ll have the love and motivation from his young family spurring him on every step of the way. 

He’s got an extremely tough battle in front of him, but “Killer Kid” is doing everything in his power to prepare himself for victory against Noiri at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Having recently welcomed his second child into the world, Sitthichai now has twice the incentive to be at his best.

He told onefc.com:

“For the past three months, I have been running Sittichai Boxing Gym and raising my youngest son, Paper, who is 1.5 months old. I’ve been practicing during my free time. 

“Having more children means more mouths to feed. But I’ve grown as well. I won’t stay still. I will grow and move forward together with my children.  

“It motivates me to succeed in the last stop of my career. The clock is ticking, but I still want to fight for my family till the end.” 

It’s not easy to raise a newborn alongside a 4-year-old son while also training hard to face one of the world’s finest strikers. 

It demands a lot of physical and mental bandwidth, but fortunately for Sitthichai, he feels energized whenever he looks at his offspring for inspiration. 

He explained: 

“Being a parent is naturally tiring, but it’s a happy tiredness. It reminds me of the hardships my parents went through. 

“My son always asks me, ‘Dad, are you tired?’ I just want to tell him that seeing his face makes my tiredness suddenly gone.” 

Sitthichai Battling To Give His Children The Best Start In Life 

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong endured a tough upbringing in Buriram, Thailand, where his parents worked as laborers to make ends meet.  

He initially started competing in Muay Thai to help their situation. Now an eight-time Muay Thai and Kickboxing World Champion with international fame, he’s fighting to ensure his own children never have to experience a similar situation. 

“Killer Kid” said: 

“To reach my dream of becoming a ONE World Champion, my family members take a big role as my supporters. Seeing my family and my two sons makes me feel like I want to do it for them. I want them to have a good life without the financial problems or struggles I had.” 

Although he may still be too young to fully understand, Sitthichai’s eldest son knows that fighting is how his father provides a good living for them – and most importantly for a 4-year-old, toys! 

When “Killer Kid” stepped into the ring as a youngster, it wasn’t for luxuries; it was to pay for his education and buy food for his parents.  

Now, he’s glad that he can gift fun items for his young family to enjoy:

“I just tell my son I’m going to ‘fight-fight.’ Fight-fight in our family means to go to work. I tell him, ‘I will go to fight-fight so I can buy your toys.’  

“When he wants something, he’ll always ask me, ‘Dad, are you going to fight yet?’ Because he knows that after the fight, I will have money to buy them toys!” 

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